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January 9, 2022by Minish Dental
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After working as dentists at Minish for a long time, we treat our patients like our own family. Whenever we encounter young patients with severe dental problems, we tend to worry about them. It is always unfortunate to witness patients who lost confidence or trust in dentists due to failure to receive proper treatment in the past. Today, we would like to inform you that any side effects that can be experienced from incorrect dental crown treatment can always be fully recovered by Minish solution treatment at Minish.


Crown Treatment After Root Canal Therapy

What is dental crown treatment?

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Crown treatment is a method of treating extensively damaged teeth by covering them entirely with dental crowns. Dental crowns are typically made of gold, zirconia, and PFM. Gold is sturdy and does not become discolored, but there is a big difference in color compared to natural teeth. Zirconia is also another sturdy material consisting only of ceramic. Last but not least, PFM is made of the ceramic material on the outside and metal on the inside. When the patient has severe dental cavities or gum disease, dental crown treatment may be performed after root canal therapy if the nerve tissue is infected with bacteria.


Minish Treatment & Dental Crown Treatment

If dental crown prostheses are applied incorrectly, bacteria may begin to proliferate between the teeth and prostheses, resulting in dental cavities, periodontitis, and gum degeneration. 


Dental Checkup at Minish

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“My gums turned brown after receiving laminate veneer treatment 10 years ago.”

This patient received laminate veneer treatment a decade ago on the recommendation of an acquaintance. He received laminate treatment for his front teeth, and five years after receiving the treatment, his gums started to turn black. He later even developed a habit of covering his mouth with his hands whenever he talked or laughed. 



Due to a normal check up, the treatment received by another dental clinic previously, turned out was dental crown treatment, not laminate veneer treatment. He had undergone crown treatment after root canal therapy on his front teeth. The PFM crowns mentioned earlier were revealing the metal material, which was not supposed to be visible from the outside.


This patient had no problems regarding his dental health, but he decided to receive treatment solely for aesthetic purposes. 

Then why did he also receive root canal therapy?


Once you receive root canal treatment, your teeth lose all the moisture and nutrition, which weakens your natural teeth. As a result, this treatment is only performed when there are severe dental cavities or gum disease present. In his case, a large amount of natural enamel had to be removed to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goal, and root canal treatment was performed to prevent uncomfortable symptoms such as sensitive teeth in the future. In other words, unnecessary tooth deletion was the main cause of dental trauma. Since he suffered  from various side effects from excessive dental procedures he had gone through in the past, careful treatment and the recovery of his dental health had to be considered as our top priorities.


Minish Remedy Treatment

Minish remedy treatment is not a simple prosthetic replacement but a solution to restore the functionality and aesthetic beauty of the remaining natural teeth by restoring both the enamel and dentin of the damaged natural teeth. In the case of this patient, he chose Minish remedy treatment since his gums, dental cavities, and the replacement of prostheses had to be dealt with all at the same time.


Gum Treatment

The existing prostheses that were applied in the past did not fit accurately with the gums, so the gums were swollen from experiencing external pressure. Therefore, the gums and gum lines were restored to normal through gingivectomy.

 Follow-up Treatment for Incorrect Dental Crown Treatment 

After removing the existing dental prostheses, the state of the remaining teeth seemed to be much worse than we expected. The teeth that had been treated with root canal treatment had been severely discolored and dental cavities were present within the teeth. As a result, the areas with tooth discoloration and dental cavities were removed, and we replaced the rest of the remaining parts of the teeth with resin fillings and dental copings made of zirconia to perform as artificial tubes within teeth.

* Copping – It refers to a metal plate that covers the root of a tooth, which is later used to mount artificial dental prostheses.

 Minish Remedy Treatment

Precise and sophisticated Minish dental prostheses were produced to restore the functionality of the patient’s teeth and fix discoloration without creating any gaps between the gums and prostheses.


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Again, for those who are considering getting dental treatment,

Improper treatment not only damages the patient externally but also internally. Thus, when it comes to finding a dentist for follow-up treatment, it is crucial to choose a dentist that can restore the beauty of their patients while protecting their original healthy teeth. We hope you find a dental clinic that can offer a variety of treatments that are suitable for different purposes to help keep your healthy smile for a long time.

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