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May 24, 2022
Smile Dental Care: Dental Spa

Are you looking for a regular dental care program from English speaking dental clinic? Dental Spa might be the right answer for you. Dental Spa consists of regular check-up, cleaning, plus some educational program that you can get a regular care in a professional way, with a very affordable price. Smile Dental Care: Dental Spa...

January 9, 2022
Front Teeth Crowns vs Veneers

After working as dentists at Minish for a long time, we treat our patients like our own family. Whenever we encounter young patients with severe dental problems, we tend to worry about them. It is always unfortunate to witness patients who lost confidence or trust in dentists due to failure to receive proper treatment in...

July 27, 2021
Gap In Teeth

It’s better to have white, well-aligned teeth. Your luck may slip through the gaps between your teeth. Are you concerned about your gap between teeth? In this article, we are going to talk about the causes of gap in teeth, and possible treatment options for gap in teeth. In phrenology, people often talk about good...

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