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How to Repair a Chipped Tooth

Have You Heard of Dental Trauma?

Chipped tooth can cause dental trauma. We are going to talk about case of chipped tooth and options for chipped tooth in this article.

I had a horrifying experience while driving on the main road a while ago. A small piece of rock splashed towards my car and got stuck in the windshield of my car. Fortunately, it didn’t lead to any major accidents, so I dismissed the crack on the windshield at first. However, the crack grew larger along with the broken pattern over time. In the end, I had to pay a great sum of money to replace the entire windshield.

Sometimes we experience unexpected accidents like the story above. For example, we can even get injured in an accident while walking down the street. In some cases, you end up injuring your teeth. We want to inform you about the causes of dental trauma and ways to treat chipped tooth to help regenerate them quickly. 

Causes of a Chipped Tooth

As we stated above, our teeth can be damaged by external causes:

  • Unexpected collisions into a person or an object or and traffic accidents
  • When you misstep or fall over while hiking or stair climbing 
  • Neglecting protective equipment while enjoying extreme sports activities 
  • Chewing on hard food or utensils during mealtime, etc.

When your teeth get damaged due to your bad daily life habits:

  • Severe bruxism during sleep (shredding teeth, wearing out teeth)
  • When teeth get fractured due to strong pressure of one’s jaw joints
  • If the interaction between the upper and lower teeth is poor due to malocclusion, etc.

Broken tooth, cracked tooth, or chipped tooth needs to be properly diagnosed and treated early on. If you leave your broken teeth unattended, a variety of germs may through the cracks, melting gum bones and causing festering and swelling symptoms, and you may need to remove your teeth later. Small fine fractures can lead to permanent tooth loss. The teeth do not regenerate on their own after experiencing dental trauma. Proper treatment can help prevent all these inconveniences in your daily life. Now we’ll look at some of the actual causes of tooth trauma and ways to treat such problems in time.

Real Cases of Dental Trauma

She complained of discomfort since her teeth were broken in an unexpected accident while bowling. She claimed that she wanted dental treatment for her overall teeth since she had symptoms such as sensitive teeth.

Examination Results

In the case of this patient, the left corner of the left front tooth was broken. 2 front teeth and a total of 3 teeth right next to the left front tooth were fractured. The tooth next to the right front tooth was overly small and the overall teeth were out of alignment. In addition, the shapes of both teeth and gums were not symmetrical.

Options for Repairing a Chipped Tooth

1. Resin Treatment

If the fractures are minor, the damaged teeth can be treated with resin fillings. Resin therapy, which is widely used in many dental procedures, is a treatment to repair broken teeth. Instead of manufacturing and attaching prosthodontics, resin therapy can be conducted quickly and the price is economical.

However, due to the nature of the material used in resin fillings, fine cracks may occur between the teeth and the fillings, food may get stuck in the gaps, bacteria may reproduce, and tooth cavities may occur.

2. Crown Treatment 

If the tooth is broken or damaged extensively, crown treatment can be conducted by covering the entire tooth. If you have broken teeth and damaged nerves, you can experience toothache and cold symptoms due to temperature changes. It is necessary to recover the crown after performing root canal treatment to remove the dental pulp that causes toothache and inflammation.

In the case of crown treatment, a major portion of teeth can be deleted to make space for prosthodontics; however, damaged teeth cannot be regenerated, so you should reconsider before opting for this treatment.

3. Minish One Day Treatment

​​​​​​Minish treatment restores the teeth and gums that have problems matching the shape and characteristics of each tooth with the most similar material to natural teeth without unnecessary tooth deletion. In this patient’s case, she wanted to protect her teeth from tooth cracks, improve the shapes and symmetry of her gums and teeth. Therefore, she chose Minish treatment.

Gum Contouring

First, we made the left and right gum lines look more symmetrical, removed the periodontal sac, the major habitat of germs between teeth and gums, and eliminated every source of gum disease. At the same time, we improved the overall symmetry and alignment of teeth and gum lines.


You can see the drastic change once you see the before and after photos of Minish treatment. First, the left front tooth was originally broken badly due to dental trauma, so we covered up the broken space with Minish prosthodontics to protect it from further damage. Also, we adjusted the size and alignment of the overly small rotated tooth next to the right front tooth to help form a better tooth alignment. In the end, we were able to satisfy our patients in aesthetic and functional aspects.

The broken left front tooth, which had been broken due to trauma, was filled with miniatures, and the teeth were covered to protect them from further deterioration. Also, the rotated dwarf tooth on the right side was adjusted to the normal range of teeth, and the arrangement of teeth was improved neatly. By recovering and protecting damaged teeth, we treated them to prevent any more cold symptoms. Minish treatment, which improved the broken area and was conducted for dental health, completed the aesthetic beauty.


Why do we want to maintain our natural teeth as much as possible? Once your teeth get damaged, they won’t grow back on their own, so it’s important to take care of your teeth ahead of time. Even if you are busy and tired, it is better to maintain your oral health with regular dental care. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding chipped tooth, we will provide you with free online consultation.

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