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January 29, 2023
Perfect Teeth Alignment (Dasha Taran)

Are you interested in straightening your teeth? This article is about perfect teeth alignment smile choice by many celebrities, let’s get started. Contents Introduction Options for Perfect Teeth Alignment 1. Traditional Braces for Perfect Teeth Alignment 2. Other Orthodontic Products Invisalign 3. Minish Veneers for Perfect Teeth Alignment Criteria for Good Prosthetic 1. Crown 2....

December 31, 2022
Teeth Whitening Before and After

Minish Teeth Whitening Before and After At Minish Dental Hospital, we have teeth whitening program available, which is not a permanent solution but it does provide a noticeable change like the teeth whitening before and after photo below. Our program includes two sessions, with a gap of one week between them, and we’ll provide guidance...

December 31, 2022
Travel For One-day Veneer Teeth Program

1. Before Travel Virtual consultations are available for those who want to express their concerns, desired procedure, and provide us with teeth photos (including gum) and X-rays (if applicable), and we will schedule your appointment based on our doctor schedule, so you can plan the trip. 2. Arriving in Korea 1-2 days before the appointment,...

November 30, 2022
Veneers in Korea

What Are Dental Veneers? Veneers is a protection for teeth that is installed to cover the teeth and it is made of composite or porcelain. There are two types of veneers installation full crown veneers and laminate. The difference between those two types is how much they cover the teeth. For full-crown veneers, the teeth...

November 30, 2022
Veneers Before and After

Are you thinking about getting veneers? Veneers in Korea Veneers are becoming more and more popular in Korea. There are various of reasons people would consider veneers, stained yellow teeth, dwarf teeth, butterfly teeth, protruding teeth, bunny teeth, etc. People with ugly teeth tend to have low confidence on their smile, often cover their mouth...

October 28, 2022
What Minimizes Veneer Teeth Shaving?

There are several reasons we can minimize the veneer teeth shaving today. Some of them are due to industry development, some of them are due to technical reasons. Industry movement Until just a few years ago, in Korea, most adults felt pressure on getting stable jobs, such as office workers and civil servants. But this...

August 30, 2022
About Minish Veneer Cost

If you are curious about Minish veneer cost, this article will solve your curiosity entirely. It is always good to have a wide range of choices when making important decisions. Then you will be able to make decisions that are best for your situation. Therefore, Minish Dental Hospital introduces a differential pricing system to respect...

July 14, 2022
Solutions for Bad Veneers

Bright, neat and clean teeth play a very important role in creating a clean beautiful look. This is even more important matter for celebrities who usually have to face lots of attention from the public. Many celebrities often have braces or dental plastic surgery like Laminate Veneers for straight and neat teeth. Unlike now, Veneers was somewhat...

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Solutions for Bad Veneers 4000

Solutions for Bad Veneers 4000