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Experience unmatched excellence in medical services with our unique one-day treatment solution. Tailored for our international patients, we promise a seamless healthcare journey, integrating speed, comfort, and world-class standards. Our expert team is committed to delivering superior care without compromising quality. Your wellness journey begins and concludes in a single day in our world-class 14-floor hospital.

Our 1-day
Treatment Process

6 Steps To Your Perfect Smile

1.First Examination and Consultation

First oral examination (X-ray · oral photography) to assess the patient’s dental condition. And a thorough consultation to discuss the patient’s dental health, concerns, and objectives.

2.Second Examination and Consultation

Follow-up examination and consultation to discuss the patient’s desired outcomes. Second precise oral diagnosis with the acquisition of teeth model and facial model. Consultation on the expected model design of veneers, tailored to the patient’s goals.

3.Pre-veneer Gum Health Enhancement

Teeth scaling (optional) to clean teeth surfaces thoroughly. Gum contouring (optional) for patients needing to reshape their gum line, treat swollen gum, or desiring less gum visibility when smiling.

4.Veneer Preparation Stage

Preparation of the teeth surface to ensure a proper fit for the veneers. 3D Scanning to ensure to get a fast and accurate information for the custom fabrication of veneers. Veneer design consultation to finalize the appearance and fit of the veneers.

5.Veneer Bonding Stage

Veneer design check to ensure they meet the patient’s expectations and fit perfectly. The bonding of veneers to natural teeth, carefully aligning and securing them. Bite and shape adjustment after veneer bonding to ensure comfortable and functional bite alignment along with the desired shaping.

6.Veneer Fitting Check

Smile line check to confirm the veneers enhance the patient’s smile as intended. Explanation of veneer care to guide the patient on maintaining their new veneers along with a second bite check if needed. Post-fitting check photography (oral · facial model) to ensure the patient’s satisfaction. For international patients, fitting check can be scheduled in the period of Day 2~14 depending on the travel schedule.

A Team that Goes Above and Beyond

Expedited Service, No Compromises

7 Staff Members for Each Patient!

Global Healthcare, In Your Language

Multi-lingual Consultants

Having your dental procedure done at Minish Dental Hospital will feel just like home, with end-to-end guidance of your own English consultant

English Speaking Dentists

Our dentists all graduated from top universities and have no problem communicating in English, experienced with patients from all over the world.

You-Centric Care

An Entire Hospital Focused on You

You-Centric Care

An Entire Hospital Focused on You

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