Minish Implants

Implants restore the normal function of teeth by implanting artificial teeth in the missing area where our teeth used to be

Minish Implant


The dental implant consists of three components: Fixture, Abutment, and Crown. Implants can only be successfully inserted if every one of these three parts is fitted correctly.




Minish Implant

Ideal Candidates

Some patients might be ideal candidates for implants and some may not be. Implants might be suitable if:

  1. Your teeth are damaged but you do not want to remove them completely.
  2. You have damage caused due to birth defects
  3. You have severe cavities or recession in prosthodontics
  4. A tooth is broken or lost in an accident
  5. You experience loss of taste or inconvenience due to the use of dentures

For patients with loss of teeth or gums, implants might not be the ideal treatment. In this case, Minish Bridges are recommended.

Implants are not possible for me,

Now What?

Dental implants may not be possible due to various problems like loss of teeth or gum. In this case, we will have to consider other treatment methods. Especially if there is severe damage to the periodontal bone structure.

As an alternative to implants, patients might be better suited to receive a Minish Teeth Bridge. A bridge is an artificial dental treatment, utilizing remaining teeth to cover missing teeth. Minish Bridges replace missing teeth by minimizing the amount of damage caused to remaining natural teeth.

Dental bridges can also a suitable option for patients who are temporarily in Korea as this procedure only takes up to 2 weeks to complete.

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Minish Implant


At Minish, we use only two types of high-quality implants:

Premium Implants | Strauman

– 60 years of tradition, Global Swiss Dental Implant
– SLActive surface treatment
– Long-term stability well-documented by research
– High durability that precipitates a quick healing process

High Implants | Ostem TS3 CA

– Domestic company specializing in dental implants
– CA-style surface treatment
– Stable supply and follow-up management for domestic products
– Quick initial fixation and stability to minimize bone loss

Minish Implant

Treatment Options

Minish Dental Hospital treats bruxism and TMJ disorders according to the type of joint disorders and degree of symptoms. Treatments include medication, Botox, splint, and teeth malocclusion treatment.

Ready-made Abutment

Ready-made abutments made to be uniform frequently do not fit the gum line properly

Customized Abutment

Customized abutments made in consideration of the individual gum height and shape

Minish Implant

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