Minish Veneers:
Incredibly Thin, Impossibly Strong

Get the Smile You’ve Been Looking For

Minish veneers are the ideal solution for those who want a minimally invasive and long-lasting option to improve their smiles. With our state-of-the-art process, we fill the damaged part of the tooth with materials that emulate the shape and properties of the original tooth. This restores the function and aesthetics of the damaged teeth and gums.


What Are

MINISH Veneers?

Minish veneers are not laminate veneers. Minish veneers are meticulously crafted using exclusive Minish blocks based on ceramic, which possess properties closely resembling natural teeth in terms of color, texture, biocompatibility, and light transmittance, ensuring the most natural and similar appearance to natural teeth.

Minish veneers offer a seamless, permanent solution for restoring teeth and creating perfect smiles without the need for tooth shaving or removal.

They are applicable for any kind of dental issue, including previously treated teeth and molars. Minish provides refined treatment in just one day.

Who Needs

MINISH Veneers?

Minish veneers offer a revolutionary solution for a broad spectrum of dental concerns, making them suitable for individuals looking for cosmetic improvements without sacrificing their dental health.

  • Suitable for those with discolored teeth, cavities, or extensive dental damage beyond traditional laminate capabilities.
  • Beneficial for patients facing unique dental challenges such as difficult-to-treat molars, gum recession, or desiring to correct misalignments with minimal tooth removal.
  • Perfect for patients aiming to avoid extensive tooth shaving, invasiveness of bridges and implants, offering solutions like pink Minish for gum recession, dual Minish for large cavities, and Minish bridges for missing teeth.
  • Provides a versatile, less invasive, and technologically advanced option for both complete smile makeovers and targeted repairs, preserving natural tooth integrity while enhancing oral health and aesthetics.

Gapped Teeth

Misaligned Teeth

Discoloured Teeth

Damaged Teeth

Shaved Teeth

Long or Short Teeth

Missing Teeth

Damaged Molar Teeth


Different from Porcelain?

Why Is MINISH Special?

1. No Teeth Shaving Required

The essence of dental shaping lies in preserving as much of the tooth as possible while minimizing removal. Minish involves almost no removal of tooth material, by refining the enamel to less than 0.2mm and attaching a prosthetic that Minish prioritizes functional treatment while beautifying the teeth.

Industry-leading Thinness

The precision of the teeth produced in our laboratory is of utmost importance because less precise work may necessitate more extensive shaving of teeth. Minish veneers are made with breakthrough technology that provides industry-leading thinness. This allows for the veneer to be applied with less alteration to the original tooth and less adhesive required to keep the veneer in place.

2. Applicable and Handcrafted for All Cases

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, an extensive range of equipment, a dedicated team, and 3D printing techniques, we create Minish veneers to match the uniqueness of each individual tooth.

Precisely Handcrafted for Each Patients

Minish Dental Hospital doesn’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all design; instead, we create 1:1 custom teeth based on the natural shape of the client’s own teeth, ensuring a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance that meets the satisfaction of not looking artificial. Crucial to achieving satisfactory results is the communication between the dental technician designing the teeth and the client. To this end, Minish Dental Hospital has long operated its own in-house laboratory to facilitate immediate modifications if needed after production. Staffed by technicians with over 15 years of experience on average, Minish Dental Hospital is committed to producing highly precise work, embodying our dedication to excellence in dental care.

Multi-Stage Process to Ensure The Best Results

3D Scan

Designed by Professional Dental Technician

Initial Production With an Error-Free Milling Machine

Model Production Using a 3D Printer

Final Production by a Professional Dental Technician

Applicable Cases

Minish offers a revolutionary solution for a broad spectrum of dental concerns as it is precisely and thinly produced by accurately scanning the teeth, eliminating the need for unnecessary tooth removal.

Special Minish Veneers

Minish veneers offer a solution for patients facing unique dental challenges, such as difficult-to-treat molars, gum recession, and for those who want to avoid extensive tooth shaving, the invasiveness of bridges and implants, by offering solutions like Minish bridges for missing teeth, pink Minish for gum recession, dual Minish for large cavities, and molar Minish.

Minish Bridges for Missing Teeth

The Minish Bridge is an efficient, aesthetic alternative for front teeth replacement, ideal for those unable to have implants. It safeguards existing teeth, offers quick enhancement in less than a week, and avoids the extensive tooth alterations required by traditional bridges. It stands as the superior choice to six-month implants.

Molar Minish for Molar Damages

When extensive damage occurs to molars, crown treatments are typically recommended. However, crowns can lead to unnecessary further damage to the tooth structure and can negatively impact gum health. At Minish Dental Hospital, we offer a revolutionary Molar Minish veneers that minimizes tooth reduction and preserves gum health.

Pink Minish for Gum Recession

For those facing receding gums due to dental aging, trauma, or severe periodontal issues we offer the Pink Minish Veneer solution. Pink Minish is expertly designed to enhance both the function and appearance of teeth and gums, addresses the concerns of exposed tooth roots and the illusion of elongated teeth, ensuring a balanced and beautiful smile.

Dual Minish for a Widespread Damage

In cases of widespread damage to the anterior teeth, crown treatments have traditionally been the go-to solution which requires minimally 0.5-0.7mm of shaving to create space for the prosthetic. For these cases, we offer Dual Minish solution which effectively shields the entire front surface of damaged teeth without the need to remove precious tooth structure.

Limited Production Premium Service

We produce only 45 unites per day for a one-day treatment. Minish veneers goes through three stages of precise handcrafting to produce only 45 units per day. To achieve this, we operate a strict appointment system and limit the number of reservation. Once you are in however, our process has been refined throughout the years to achieve excellence in customer comfort and convenience.

Limited Production Premium Service

We produce only 45 unites per day for a one-day treatment. Minish veneers goes through three stages of precise handcrafting to produce only 45 units per day. To achieve this, we operate a strict appointment system and limit the number of reservation. Once you are in however, our process has been refined throughout the years to achieve excellence in customer comfort and convenience.

3. Utilizes the Latest Technology & Equipment

Material (Minish Block)

Minish Blocks are materials most similar to natural teeth, exclusively produced and supplied by VITA company in Germany. These blocks are made of ceramic and possess properties closely resembling those of natural teeth, including color, texture, biocompatibility, and light transmittance. This ensures an appearance that is highly natural and similar to that of natural teeth.

The Latest Technology and Equipment

At Minish Dental Hospital, we spare no expense in investing in state-of-the-art equipment. As a dental clinic that insists on the latest technology, we readily invest in improvements to enhance the quality of care. We aim to avoid scenarios where the absence of equipment prevents the provision of quality care by equipping ourselves with the latest and most advanced technology.

Dentsply Sirona Milling Machine

Milling machine is a small cutting machine that uses a CAD/CAM system. Dentsply sirona milling machine is the most expensive milling machine currently available, capable of fast and precise processing. The Minish Lab owns a total of 9 units..

Primescan 3D Scanner

Unlike the traditional impression, Primescan can send digital data directly to Minish Lab Design PC. As the latest oral 3D scanner, among the existing scanners, it is the most accurate and fastest. The scanner precisely scans even the areas of the teeth that are difficult to access.

3D Printer

We utilize various different types of 3D printers, such as Cara Print, Zenith D, Cubicon Style 210D. Cara Print is the most accurate and fastest dental 3D printer currently available to create oral models.

Porcelain Furnace

Porcelain Furnaces are equipments suitable for the manufacturing of metal-ceramic and all-ceramic restorations for use in dentistry such as veneers, crowns, bridges. They are used for sintering (the process of shaping) and glazing, which reproduces prosthetics with a shape and shine similar to natural teeth.

The Highest Precision with the Latest Technology

Minish veneers are as unique as a person’s fingerprints as they are custom-made to match the individual’s tooth shape and the extent to his/her damage.

4. Guaranteed Safety and Durability

Minish achieves a complete chemical bond with the tooth, becoming an integral part of it. This process prevents any gaps between the tooth and gum that could lead to bacterial invasion, weakening of the bond, and other issues. It eliminates the need for special care instructions, and with proper maintenance, the results can be semi-permanent.

Industry Leading Strength
12.5% Stronger

Natural Tooth Strength 400Mpa

The combined strength of natural teeth and minish is 450 Mpa

5. 10 Years of Warranty

Every customer who receives genuine Minish is provided with an official Minish box. By scanning the attached QR code on the certificate, customers can secure a warranty for Minish veneers that lasts up to 10 years.

Minish Serial Number

Each veneer has its own individual serial number, this certificate of authenticity guarantees 4 things below. Just like a luxury watch brand!

6. One-Day Treatment

The combination of our in-house laboratory and cutting-edge equipment has made it possible for treatments that previously required multiple visits to be completed in just one visit at Minish Dental Hospital. This has made dental care more accessible for clients who are constrained by time, including those from other regions or countries, or those with busy schedules.

From “Start” to “Smile” Only Takes
8 Hours 15 Minutes

Experience unmatched excellence in medical services with our unique one-day treatment solution.Tailored for our international patients, we promise a seamless healthcare journey, integrating speed, comfort, and world-class standards.

In-house Lab and Fabrication

Our in-house lab on the 6th floor is where we design, fabricate, and refine all of our veneers. Here is where our team of designers and technicians use the most advanced technologies to craft your veneers. You can see and meet your technicians as they craft or wait in comfort in our lounge.

You-Centric Care

An Entire Hospital Focused on You

You-Centric Care

An Entire Hospital Focused on You