Minish Veneers:
Incredibly Thin, Impossibly Strong

Get the Smile You’ve Been Looking For

Minish veneers are the ideal solution for those who want a minimally invasive and long-lasting option to improve their smiles. With our state-of-the-art process, we fill the damaged part of the tooth with materials that emulate the shape and properties of the original tooth. This restores the function and aesthetics of the damaged teeth and gums.

1. Safer, and More Durable

Industry-leading Thinness

Minish veneers are made with breakthrough technology that provides industry-leading thinness. This allows for the veneer to be applied with less alteration to the original tooth and less adhesive required to keep the veneer in place. With Minish veneers, you can rediscover your original smile and enjoy the convenience of working with professional and experienced dental staff.

Industry-Leading Strength

Minish veneers have exceptional strength due to the materials they use. Original teeth are comprised of an outer material called enamel which is hard and an inner material called dentin which is flexible. Minish crafts its veneers with multiple materials to replicate this natural composition, resulting in a veneer with remarkable strength and durability

Minish’s Industry-leading Strength and Durability
12.5% Stronger

Natural Tooth Strength 400Mpa

The combined strength of natural teeth and minish is 450 Mpa

2. Uniquely Hand-Crafted for You

The highest Precision with the Latest Technology

Minish veneers are as unique as a person’s fingerprints as they are custom-made to match the individual’s tooth shape and the extent to his/her damage

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, an extensive range of equipment, a dedicated team, and 3D printing techniques, we create Minish veneers to match the uniqueness of each individual tooth

In our quest to emulate your natural teeth, we ensure your dental health is never compromised. We manufacture each piece with the utmost precision to resemble your teeth as closely as possible, taking into account the overall proportions of your dental arch.

Customized Solution for Every Unique Case

Molar Tooth Damage

When extensive damage occurs to molars, crown treatments are typically recommended. However, crowns can lead to unnecessary further damage to the tooth structure and can negatively impact gum health. At Minish Dental Hospital, we offer a revolutionary Molar Minish veneers that minimizes tooth reduction and preserves gum health.

Long Teeth and Receding Gums

For those facing receding gums due to dental aging, trauma, or severe periodontal issues, or for anyone experiencing significant gum recession after orthodontic treatment, we offer the Pink Minish Veneer solution. Pink Minish is expertly designed to enhance both the function and appearance of teeth and gums, addresses the concerns of exposed tooth roots and the illusion of elongated teeth, ensuring a balanced and beautiful smile.

Widespread Damage

In cases of widespread damage to the anterior teeth, crown treatments have traditionally been the go-to solution which requires minimally 0.5-0.7mm of shaving to create space for the prosthetic. For these cases, we offer Dual Minish solution which effectively shields the entire front surface of damaged teeth without the need to remove precious tooth structure. Perfect for patients with tooth wear from grinding, acidic erosion, fractures, or cracks.

Missing Tooth

For patients with dental anxiety, those who cannot undergo implant surgery due to jawbone loss, or individuals seeking an aesthetic solution for front teeth replacement, the Minish Bridge preserves the integrity of existing teeth and provides enhanced strength and support. Minish bridge is the best alternative treatment plan for implant, implant can take up to 6 months while Minish Bridge solution takes less than a week. Also, Minish Bridge reduces the need for traditional crown bridges, which often entail significant alteration of adjacent teeth.

The Minish Bridge is available in two types – the Wing Bridge and the Veneer Bridge – both designed to minimize tooth damage while restoring your smile. The Minish Wing Bridge is perfect for those with missing teeth flanked by healthy natural teeth. This option is especially recommended for patients reluctant to have their healthy teeth reduced. The Minish Veneer Bridge is tailored for cases where the adjacent teeth to a gap show signs of wear, erosion, decay, or cracks and require concurrent treatment.

Proven Process Proven Results

Carousel 3D Intraoral Scan

Professional technician teeth design

Model rendered with a 3D printer

First revision precision crafted with a milling machine

Second revision meticulously crafted by a professional technician

Minish Serial Number

Each veneer has its own individual serial number, this certificate of authenticity guarantees 4 things below. Just like a luxury watch brand!

Used the authentic material Minish Vita Block

Manufactured by state-of-art Dentsply Sirona equipment

Crafted by engineers from Minish Technology

Treated by authorized Minish Membership Clinic

3. Professional, Experienced, and Convenient

Premium Service Quality

Minish veneers go through three stages of precise handcrafting to produce only 45 units per day. To achieve this, we operate a strict appointment system and limit the number of reservations. Once you are in, however, our process has been refined throughout the years to achieve excellence in customer comfort and convenience.

Minish Treatment Duration From “Start” to “Smile”


Treatment period: 2 weeks


Treatment period: 1 day


Treatment period: 1 day


Treatment period: 1 day


Treatment period: 1 day

#gap in teeth

Treatment period: 1 day


Treatment period: 1 day


Treatment period: 1 week


Treatment period: 1 day

You-Centric Care

An Entire Hospital Focused on You

You-Centric Care

An Entire Hospital Focused on You