Teeth Whitening in Korea

Minish Dental Hospital offers teeth whitening treatment without side effects not only for discolored teeth but also for discolored gums and devitalized teeth.

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The causes of teeth discoloration can vary and are generally classified into external and internal factors.

External Factors


Teeth discoloration can be caused by pigmentation on the surface of the teeth due to external factors such as eating, drinking, or smoking. Black tea, green tea, coffee, wine, and chocolate are the typical types of food that can easily cause teeth discoloration.


Every time you smoke, small amounts of nicotine and tar in cigarettes accumulate on the surface of your teeth, making them look extra yellow and darker.

Internal Factors


The enamel, the outer part of the tooth, may wear out, causing the inner dentine to be visible, which may make your teeth look more yellow.

Tooth Trauma

When your teeth are affected by external damage, foreign substances formed from the destruction of blood cells, can stain the teeth on the inside, causing discoloration.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic)

Inadequate/ineffective root canal treatment may leave some necrotic tissues within the cavities, causing teeth discoloration. Sometimes discoloration can be caused by a bacterial infection or dental filling material, after receiving root canal treatment. 


During the tooth formation stage, dental discoloration may occur due to inadequate ingestion of various compounds such as drugs and heavy metals. (ex: tetracycline, fluoride, etc.)

Types of

Teeth Whitening in Korea

Depending on the degree of discoloration and the shade of white you desire, various whitening options are available.

1. Vital Bleaching

It is a procedure that restores and brightens discolored teeth, providing them with their original shine by using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide or peroxide gel. Producing a whitening effect by decomposing the molecular structure within the enamel layer of teeth.

When Vital Bleaching is recommended:

  1. If you’re worried about teeth discoloration due to pigmentation
  2. If you have a complex due to tooth discoloration\
  3. If you want to leave a better impression within interpersonal relationships with others
  4. If you want to smile more confidently before getting married or employed

2. Non-Vital Bleaching

A devitalized tooth is a tooth in a necrotic state caused by external factors. If the color of the teeth changes to gray or dark brown due to hemoglobin, tooth whitening is required.

When Non-Vital Bleaching is recommended:

  1. In case of tooth discoloration after endodontic treatment
  2. If you want to brighten the color of the inner teeth through aesthetic prosthodontic treatment
  3. If the color of the teeth changes due to external trauma/damage

3. Office Bleaching

Office Bleaching is a safe whitening procedure that is carried out after consultation with the medical staff. Generally, it includes the application of whitening agents in high concentrations, which can help activate whitening agents drastically, producing quick results.

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4. Home Bleaching

The whitening agents contain 10-15% hydrogen peroxide and can be applied slowly over a long period. By using a self-whitening tray made at Minish Dental Hospital, patients can maximize the effect by having multiple sessions with teeth-whitening experts at Minish Dental Hospital.

5. Gum Bleaching

Gum Bleaching is a procedure that removes the melanin pigments deposited on the gums and restores the discolored gums to healthy bright red ones. The procedure removes the outer layer of gums where melanin is accumulated.

If Gum Bleaching is required:

  1. If melanin pigments are accumulated on gums due to genetic or external factors
  2. In the case of gum discoloration due to metal prosthetics, etc.
  3. When tar and nicotine remain intact within the gums due to frequent smoking
  4. If your gums turn darker due to excessive exposure to sunlight

Teeth Whitening Type

Minish Veneers

Gum Bleaching is a procedure that removes the melanin pigments deposited on the gums and restores the discolored gums to healthy bright red ones. The procedure removes the outer layer of gums where melanin is accumulated.

Severe discoloration due to drugs, genetics, tetracycline, aging, and nerve damage have limitations in achieving aesthetic results. In this case, we offer Minish veneer treatment if teeth whitening doesn’t solve your problem.

Also if regular long-term whitening treatment is not possible, we recommend Minish veneer treatment for permanent results regarding tooth whitening without causing tooth damage.

Minish veneer treatment not only improves color but also improves the texture and transparency of teeth. It is recommended that you check your teeth thoroughly beforehand and choose the appropriate treatment method.