Minish Dental Spa

At the Minish Dental Spa, we provide you with an all-inclusive treatment to prevent all kinds of dental problems and diseases. The oral disease prevention treatment is individually customized for each patient.

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What is

Minish Dental Spa?

The Minish Spa is an oral hygiene treatment that helps manage dental problems and treat oral diseases. With our proactive, preventative programs, we improve oral health and teach you how to self-maintain good oral hygiene.

Bad Breath


Tooth Decay

Gum Disease

Minish Dental Spa


Comprehensive Oral Screening Program

Professional examination programs to analyze comprehensive oral health.

Veneer + Care Program

Oral care programs for patients before and after Minish veneer treatment.

Orthodontic Care Program

Oral care programs for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Implant + Care Program

Oral care programs for patients before and after implant treatment.

Healthy Teeth Hundred Years Program

A silver oral care program to maintain healthy teeth until age 100.

Gum Enhancement Program

Specialized periodontal management programs to treat/manage periodontal diseases in noninvasive manners.

Bad Breath Management Program

Professional odor control programs that include the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of bad breath all at once.

Mom & Dad Program

Family-type oral care programs for those who are about to get married, get pregnant, or soon to be giving birth.

Minish Dental Spa


In the early stages of the disease, if simple, pain-free issues are left unattended for a long time, the pain will double and the number and cost of visits will also increase.