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Behind the Scenes with Director Doctor Choi Jin-ho of Minish Dental Hospital

Meet Director Choi Jin-ho, the man behind the success of Minish Dental Hospital. With 22 years of experience in treating cavities and dental implants, he’s a seasoned professional who’s dedicated to his craft. But did you know that he’s also a YouTube star? That’s right! Minish Dental Hospital is currently in its 6th season of collaboration with the Lee Dong-hwan TV YouTube channel as part of the Medicon collaboration.

A Day in the Life of Director Choi Jin-ho

Director Choi Jin-ho is a busy man. When he’s not treating patients, he’s preparing for his next YouTube video. He’s meticulous in his work, often reviewing his manuscript until just before shooting. Despite the added workload of filming, he’s always willing to take the lead in anything related to Minish Dental Hospital.

Lights, Camera, Action at Minish Dental Hospital Studio

When it’s time to film, Director Choi Jin-ho and Director Lee Dong-hwan meet at the Minish Dental Hospital Studio. The filming doesn’t just attract the crew, though. After one filming session, the writer of the Lee Dong-hwan TV YouTube channel brought her father-in-law to Minish Dental Hospital for implant treatment.

A Sneak Peek into Lee Dong-hwan TV YouTube

Director Lee Dong-hwan warmly welcomes the team back after a long break. The topic of the day? “How to properly find an implant clinic!” With implants being widely used in Korea for about 30 years, it’s a topic that resonates with many.

Director Choi Jin-ho emphasizes the importance of finding a hospital that provides good post-implant care. He also stresses the importance of choosing a dental clinic with a long history.

Highlights of the interview: Understanding Dental Implants with Dentist Choi Jin-ho

With years of experience under his belt, he’s here to shed some light on the world of dental treatments, specifically focusing on dental implants.

1. The Basics: Dental Treatments and Gum Treatments

As Choi Jin-ho explains, “The most common treatments are dental treatments and gum treatments.” These treatments range from simple cleanings to more complex procedures like wisdom teeth extraction. “We also extract up to two wisdom teeth,” he adds.

2. The Solution: Dental Implants

But what happens when a tooth can’t be saved? “To overcome this, we make a dental implant from titanium,” says Choi Jin-ho. After the implant is placed and given time to heal, “we complete the crown on top.”

One of the benefits of implants is that “they don’t get cavities.” However, they’re not without their challenges. “The crown on the implant can shake and fall out, and sometimes the screw can loosen,” warns Choi Jin-ho.

3. The Lifespan: Implant Care and Lifespan

Just like natural teeth, implants require care. “So, after getting an implant, it’s not like there’s no need for care. So, it has a lifespan,” Choi Jin-ho explains. The lifespan of an implant can vary greatly. “Some people use it well for 20 years, while others lose it after a few years.”

4. The Procedure: Implant Surgery

When it comes to the right age for implant surgery, Choi Jin-ho says, “Usually, you can get it after your growth is over, around 16 years old.” However, there have been exceptions. “But sometimes, I’ve done surgery on cases up to 14 years old.”

5. The Risks: Implant Challenges and Risks

Implants come with their own set of challenges and risks. “Patients think that the implant is in the bone, but to be precise, it’s in the gums,” Choi Jin-ho clarifies. If there’s not enough bone to begin with, an implant may not be possible.

6. The Brands: Implant Brands and Parts

Choosing the right implant brand is crucial. “In the past, various brands of implants produced in various countries were available in Korea, but now some are discontinued,” Choi Jin-ho shares. “So, it would be better to choose a well-known product that is continuously produced and imported.”

7. The Follow-up: Importance of Regular Check-ups

Finally, Choi Jin-ho emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups. “I know how hard it is to go back to that side because I’ve suffered so much to get the leaves. But you need to go for regular check-ups.” He recommends an examination “once every six months or a year.”

In conclusion, dental implants can be a great solution for missing teeth, but they require careful consideration, proper care, and regular check-ups. As always, consult with your dentist to determine the best course of action for your dental health.

Wrapping Up

Dr.Choi: “I won’t just dismiss my patients’ pain”

As the day wraps up, Director Choi Jin-ho encourages viewers to watch the video, leave lots of likes and comments, and of course, take care of their dental health.

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