Solutions for Bad Veneers

Bright, neat and clean teeth play a very important role in creating a clean beautiful look. This is even more important matter for celebrities who usually have to face lots of attention from the public. Many celebrities often have braces or dental plastic surgery like Laminate Veneers for straight and neat teeth. Unlike now, Veneers was somewhat unfamiliar to many people compared to orthodontics. Laminate Veneers was often thought of as a dental treatment only for celebrities. However, that has changed in recent years as more and more people are moving towards Veneers to give a beautiful healthy look overall.

Prep for veneers

Laminate Veneers require a so-called “tooth removal process” (Prep) that trims teeth in the course of the procedure. This is because the porcelain made in the shape of teeth can be attached to the trimmed teeth only when the teeth are trimmed. In other words, a certain amount of space is required to attach the porcelain to the teeth. To secure this space, the tooth preparation process is absolutely necessary.

There are various side effects of laminate Veneers which can be bad Veneers.

1. Symptoms of sensitive teeth

There are patients who come back for re-treatment complaining their teeth got sensitive after Veneers. As mentioned above, the prep (process of cutting teeth) occurs during Veneers. The reason the tooth got sensitive is that tooth need to be cut to create space for the tooth thats going to be laminated. Therefore excessive cutting will lead to sensitive teeth.

2. Inflammation after the procedure


This is a bad veneer case photo. It is very rare that immediate inflammation occurs after the procedure. In general, if the procedure was inaccurately done, inflammation often develops after about a week. If inflammation occurs, the following reasons can be cited.

2.1. Chemical was not removed properly

First case is when the materials used to join the ceramic and teeth is not completely removed. In the process of attachment, it is necessary to completely remove the residual of the material and if this process is not done properly, inflammation may occur.

2.2. Prosthesis gives pressure on gum

Second case is when dental prosthesis pressures the gums due to defect or misalignment. When making dental prosthesis, it should not only consider the shape of the tooth, but also take into account the boundary with the gums and the current gum health condition. For natural and harmonious dental plastic surgery, the gum must be in good health. If the gum health is not good condition, the procedure should be performed after the gum treatment. The gums are very sensitive so constant irritation may cause swelling of the gums and may start to bleed. If the inflammation continues, the gums will recede and lead to gum diseases.

How Long Can I Use Laminate Veneers?

One of the questions patients usually ask is “How long does laminate last after the procedure?” The longevity of the lamination differs on how you take care of your gums. No matter how good the surgery was performed. And it wont last long if you are suffering from gum inflammation.

This is another bad veneers case photo. The shape of a person’s gums changes as they get older. In order to use veneers for longer time, we should take care of the gum health well. The gums recede in most cases, but if the gums are not properly managed, this period will be shortened further. This is why we usually suggest Minish treatment to patients instead of Laminate Veneers. as we know the importance of healthy gums.

Are You Hesitating Veneers Because Of the Side Effects?

In order to get a beautiful smile line, we have Crown, Laminate, and Minish Treatment as solution.

Minish Treatment is basically a treatment for damaged teeth and gums by replacing the damaged areas of the teeth with materials most similar to natural teeth, without unnecessary shaving of the underlying real teeth. The main difference among Crown, Laminate Veneer and Minish is teeth reduction during preparation.

Difference among Crown, Laminate Veneer, Minish


Crown grinds way more teeth then Veneers and Minish, so crown is usually held with root canal. With the root canal, teeth have been treated with nerve treatment, the lifespan of a tooth will be cut in more than half. Besides, the color of the tooth gradually darkens over time, which is highly likely to cause side effects after the procedure. Also, the most cases our patients come to us for after few years of Crown Treatment.

Laminate Veneer vs Minish Veneer

In the case of Laminate Veneers, the reduce amount of preparation is much smaller compare to Crown which is 0.5-0.7mm of enamel. However, since the strength of the ceramic flakes combined with existing teeth is week and the adhesive strength is weak, so major side effect is prosthesis (porcelain flakes) frequently break or fall off. Also, giving lots of pressure on gum will never help gum health.

Minish Veneer will reduce way more than Laminate Veneer during prep process which is 0.1-0.2mm of enamel. The less our natural tooth is reduced, the longer tooth lifespan we will have in the same condition. Also the prosthesis material has greater strength than Laminate prosthesis, the risk of the prosthesis breaking or falling off is remarkably lower in daily life. Plus, veneer usually is one-day treatment.

“The side effect of dental surgery CAN be prevented with surgeon’s consideration.”

It is true that Minish Dental Hospital is very famous for Veneer and Crown Reoperation. So many celebrities in South Korea come to us for their Laminate Veneer side effects, and got a reoperation to get a confident smile back, go back to public. During the cases, we see so many dentists performed unnecessary procedures only for the money and fame, without consideration for patient’s long-term dental health. We are really sorry about that as a hospital in the same industry. Looking aesthetically beautiful starts from healthy teeth and gum, and the best way is to check regularly, stay healthy.

Are you still hesitate to get a veneers?

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