Veneers at MINISH in Korea

Ready to say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a flawless smile? Minish welcomes you to the next, exciting stage in the evolution of veneers. Our revolutionary prosthodontics, developed and patented by Doctor Kang, are truly one of a kind. These custom-made shells are designed to perfectly fit over your teeth to provide top-notch protection for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Our Minish Veneers

For many, the idea of getting veneers may be daunting. In the past, hard and immovable materials were used for prosthodontics due to the ability to be easily handled and manipulated. However, these strong materials can cause a wealth of damage to surrounding teeth including fractures, chips, wear, and tear. This is why Minish has dedicated itself to using entirely natural and durable materials that guarantee long and comfortable use.

There are two main types of veneers offered in Korea: full-crown and laminate veneers.

Full-crown veneers are ideal for patients experiencing severe dental problems such as discolorations, decay, or damage. These veneers require more preparation in order to cover the entire tooth surface including the top and sides. The result is a sturdy and durable solution that will last for years to come.

Laminate veneers are a more conservative option that require minimal tooth reduction. These veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth and are ideal for minor cosmetic improvements such as chips, cracks, or gaps between teeth. Like all Minish veneers, the laminate type is designed to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.


Minish for
A Perfect Smile

Minish treats damaged teeth and gums by replacing the damaged areas of the teeth with materials most similar to natural teeth, without unnecessary shaving of the underlying real teeth. Minish prosthodontics are precisely manufactured, so they can be used as teeth for a long time with seamless closure and perfect teeth alignment.
Natural Materials
Durable Quality
Precise Design

Our Mission
Care For You

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.
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In order to create seamless veneers, Minish uses digital dentures known as ‘Vita Blocks’, researched and developed by German manufacturer VITA. In order to avoid complex and time-consuming processes in relation to the creation of custom veneers, Minish has installed an in-house lab dedicated to the swift and simple manufacturing of Vita Blocks.We not only focus on teeth alignment, but also binding teeth with the best quality materials. For this reason, Minish digitally scans teeth as opposed to using traditional mold methods.

Minish offers several types of veneers and programs that relate to the unique situations of our clients.

procedure minish types veneers

Types of
Minish Veneers

Dental concerns cross a wide range and cover a plethora of issues. The good news? Minish has you covered, no matter the trouble. With our four key types of veneers, we’re certain something is available for your unique situation.

All of our veneers are created using a 3D printing process that helps precisely fit prosthodontics to a patient’s teeth.

With Minish veneers, you’ll be looking and feeling your best as soon as you exit the clinic.
Front Teeth

1. Dual Minish Veneers

Protecting Front Of Damaged Tooth

dual minish veneer

Damage to our teeth is an emotional and physical hardship, but abnormalities to the front of a tooth can even cause a patient to be embarrassed by their own smile.

Dual Minish is a treatment that specifically protects the front of a damaged tooth. While traditional crowns often require unnecessary tooth removal and shaving, Dual Minish Veneers are able to protect the front of the tooth without any unnecessary tooth extraction.

Dual Minish Veneers may be right for those experiencing…

teeth types dual abrasion veneers

Tooth Abrasion

Teeth are damaged and broken due to a strong bite and dental intersection.
teeth types dual corrosion veneers

Tooth Corrosion

Tooth degeneration due to frequent consumption of acidic food or the presence of reflux esophagitis.
types dual fragmentation veneers teeth

Tooth Fragmentation

Teeth are broken or damaged by external forces or trauma.
types dual crack veneers teeth

Tooth Cracks

Frequent intake of hard food causing cracks on the surface of teeth.

2. Pink Minish Veneers

Regenerate Healthy Light Pink Gums

types pink minish tab veneers

When someone smiles, it’s not only the teeth that can be seen. Of course, we must also consider our gums when it comes to our oral hygiene. Healthy looking gums are important for our overall health as well as our confidence.

Pink Minish Veneers are a type of veneer that naturally regenerates healthy, light pink gums. This is a gum regeneration procedure recommended for those who have root canal loss due to aging or dental trauma, and for those suffering from gum loss after wearing braces.

Pink Minish Veneers may be right for those experiencing…

types pink gum exposure veneers

Gum and Root Exposure/Elongated Teeth

The gums are exposed due to periodontal disease and gum degeneration after wearing braces. The roots of the teeth may be exposed and the teeth may look elongated.

3. Minish Bridge Veneers

Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause strain in many areas of our lives. Not only does the consumption of food become harder, but our self confidence is lowered as we’re hesitant to show off our best feature: our smile.

Minish Bridge Veneers replace missing teeth by minimizing the amount of damage caused to remaining natural teeth. Crown bridges are often used as an artificial dental treatment that utilizes remaining teeth to cover missing teeth. However, this inevitably results in tooth damage by cutting away and covering the teeth on both sides. Instead, wing bridges and veneer bridges can be worn without causing tooth damage.

If surgery is deemed impossible by a dental professional, a mini-bridge treatment is available to improve a patient’s condition without damaging the teeth.

types minish bridge tab final veneer
types bridge loss of teeth and gums veneer veneer

Minish Bridge Veneers may be right for those experiencing…

Loss of Teeth and Gums

The loss of the alveolar bone (gum bone) which may be accompanied by tooth loss.

4. Minish Molar Veneers

The Best Alternative To Crown Treatment

types molar minish tab veneers

Even if we’re not familiar with the name of every tooth, most of us recognize the word ‘molar’. Molars are some of our most important teeth and ones that often get infected or are prone to cavities.

Molar Minish Veneers is a veneer created in the case of extensive damage to the molars. The Minish molar/posterior treatment provides an opportunity to reinforce traditional crowns in the event of side effects such as tooth fragmentation. If you have extensive tooth damage such as cavities, cracks, and root canal-treated teeth, the molar/posterior treatment can help avoid further damage.

Molar Minish Veneers may be right for those experiencing…

  • Molars with Cavities: Teeth that have had cavities.
  • Molars with Cracks: Frequent consumption of hard food causing cracks on the surface of the teeth, and in severe cases, tooth splinters*.
  • Broken Molars: Teeth are extensively broken by external factors or strong dental intersection.
  • Molars with Root Canals: Teeth that have received root canal treatments.

If you are experiencing any of the above, Molar Minish Veneers could be right for you. For those with additional questions, reach out for a free online consultation today.

*The Minish molar/posterior treatment can be applied depending on the size and magnitude of the cracks and where the tooth has taken damage.


Veneer Programs

Investing in the care of your teeth can be a time consuming and emotional decision. This is why Minish guides our patients to the correct program and veneer type for their unique situation. Each patient deserves nothing but healthy and beautiful teeth for years to come.

Some cases may require a single treatment, while others may want to consider a variety. To get started, here are Minish’s veneer programs.
Help improve bad teeth due to cavities, gaps or discoloration.
Minish will have veneer patients in and out on the same day
Treat gums and teeth that have deteriorated due to old crown/veneers
Orthodontic treatment for alignment with Minish prosthodontics
  • Simple Minish
  • Minish One Day Program
  • Minish Remedy
  • Minish Hybrid

Improve Damaged Teeth

Simple Minish is a program that improves damaged teeth by using materials with the most similar properties to natural teeth. Minish is able to do so without unnecessary tooth shaving, helping to avoid problems that could arise from your teeth being filed down.

Simple Minish Veneers focus on both the functional and aesthetic restoration of damaged teeth.

Simple Minish Veneers may be right for those experiencing…

simple minish tooth veneers
program simple minish frontal veneers

Frontal Tooth Cavity

Front tooth cavities occurring between teeth.
program simple minish gaps veneers

Tooth Gaps

The periodontal structure is not healthy or the size of teeth is too small compared to the size of the periodontal structure, causing gaps between teeth to potentially widen even further.
program simple minish small teeth veneers

Small Teeth (Peg Lateralis)

The size of the teeth is naturally smaller than normal teeth.
program minish remedy color appearance dissatisfaction veneers

Color Improvement (Yellow Teeth, White Spots)

Tooth coloration problems such as discoloration, coloration, and white spots due to genetic or external factors.

Minish One day Veneers Treatment

We understand that particular cases require teeth to look their best in a hurry. With our signature One Day Veneers treatment, Minish will have patients in and out on the same day. Despite the time frame, our expert staff guarantees accurate, precise, and natural looking results. This program is particularly popular among travelers and those who are only in Seoul for several days.

Please note that this program only allows the production of 48 veneers per day. Thus, it is necessary to book an appointment in advance. This reservation also includes a 10% deposit to secure the date. To ensure that your visit takes place on the desired day, we advise you to arrive at the clinic early in the morning.

How Does it Work ?

Patients are always supplied with a warranty upon their departure. If there are any additional questions following the treatment, the hospital is available for contact any time.

Free Online Consultation

Following initial reservation, a consultation is required to discuss the desired shape and color of the patient’s veneer. Necessary check-ups, veneer prepping, gum contouring, filling or cleaning relief may follow if needed. For international patients, this consultation can take place virtually.

Visit Our Hospital

A day or two before the appointment, patients are welcome to first visit our hospital. An in-house team of international professionals is always available for international visitors.

Procedure Day

  • Morning Appointment: From start to finish, this entire process generally takes between 2 and 3 hours and begins in the morning. Our team then produces the veneer as discussed in the morning appointment. 
  • Afternoon Appointment: Patients then typically return in the afternoon between 4-6PM for installation of the veneers. For some patients, an additional visit may be required to achieve the desired results.

Fitting Check

Minish is also always happy to arrange follow-up fitting checks within a few days after the initial installation. Our expert staff will inspect the bite, texture, and positioning to make sure that everything is in order.

Patients are always supplied with a warranty upon their departure. If there are any additional questions following the treatment, the hospital is available for contact any time.

Fixing Old Veneers/Laminates

Minish Remedy (re-treatment) Veneers is a program aimed at fixing the inside of natural teeth that have been damaged by adhesive corrosion and old prosthodontics. Minish Remedy requires the removal of the problematic prosthodontics to restore and regenerate the remaining natural teeth as much as possible while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth. 

Simple Minish Veneers may be right for those experiencing…

minish remedy teeth veneers
program minish remedy discoloration veneers

Discoloration of Gums

Prosthodontics and gum boundaries turning blue overtime with Porcelain fused metal (PSM) crown treatment.
program minish remedy gum inflammation veneers

Gum Inflammation

Gum inflammation due to the accumulation of plaque or poor quality prosthodontics.
program minish remedy fracture veneers

Fracture in Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics damaged due to the consumption of hard food, bruxism, habits of chewing on chopsticks, or other trauma such as a bicycle accident.
program-minish-hybrid irregular arrangement of teeth veneers

Complaints in Color/Appearance

Prosthodontics in need of replacement due to the dissatisfied patients.

Orthodontic Treatment With Minish Prosthodontics

Minish is not only a dental hospital with a focus on veneers, but orthodontic concerns as well.

minish hybrid teeth veneers

Minish Hybrid is a program that combines orthodontic treatment with Minish Prosthodontics treatment. After first rearranging the teeth through orthodontics, patients can then install Minish veneers. The orthodontic treatment required before Minish treatment does constitute long treatment periods, allowing teeth to be straightened and veneers to be applied in a short amount of time.

Minish Hybrid may be right for those experiencing…

program minish harmony irregular tooth arrangement veneers

Irregular Arrangement of Teeth

Teeth are larger than your chin or do not allow for much space within the mouth, leading to oral diseases.
program minish hybrid tooth malocclusion veneers

Tooth Malocclusion

The lower jaw and upper jaw are not aligned, leading to difficulties such as abnormal chewing, digestive problems, facial misalignment, and jaw problems.

Why Veneers at

Minish stands out among other dental surgeons for several reasons. Apart from a heartfelt dedication to our patients, several factors of our clinic help to bring in both new and familiar clients.

Firstly, Minish specializes in 3D veneers that are durable, light, and fitted to each patient. As our veneers require an exact scan of a patient’s mouth, outdated methods such as molding and tooth shaving are no longer necessary. Each client can feel satisfied knowing that the majority of their original tooth will remain beneath the veneer and any damage caused to the teeth and gums from poorly made veneers will never occur at Minish.

Secondly, our groundbreaking on-site laboratory allows highly efficient collaborations between medical staff and dental designers. This laboratory allows us to deal with customer requests immediately, even after the application of prosthodontics, for quick alterations and swift treatment times.

And lastly, our staff-to-patient ratio stands at 5.5:1. If 10 patients are being treated at the same time, an average of 5.5 experts are on standby to ensure ultimate dental care and comfort. Patients can expect to interact with a designated medical staff member, a dental designer, and three designated general staff during their visit. No matter where you are in the hospital, someone will be there to care for your questions and concerns.


Benefits of
Minish Veneers

Minish is one of the finest and affordable establishments in the Seoul dental industry today.

There are a number of benefits to receiving veneers at Minish.

One of our most highly praised benefits is our overall sense of comfort and ease. At the first visit, clients will be shown a monitor displaying an array of veneer options to choose from. A skilled dental professional is always there to explain each step of the process in detail with post-procedure photographs included from satisfied Minish patients. Not only does Minsh take great pride in the professionalism of our staff, but also their aim is to make every patient feel at home.

In addition, Minish prizes itself on the little details. Most patients have specific requests when it comes to the color, shape, and overall look of their veneers. Our dental team always takes the time required to consider a patient’s unique preferences. Thanks to Minish’s experienced staff, each member of our medical team has gained the sufficient know-how required to minimize side effects and close tooth and gum boundary areas with precision. In addition, if clients are unhappy with the outcome, we will make any required adjustments until a dream smile is reached.

With Minish’s top-notch technology, personalized care, and commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder that Korea is becoming a top destination for those seeking the best in dental care. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free online consultation today and discover the many benefits of Minish for yourself!


Cost of

Seoul is an affordable city to receive veneers in comparison to large cities around the US, Canada, or UK. Most patients can save a considerable amount of money by opting to receive dental treatment in Seoul.
Minish Cost

What Makes it so affordable?

A high demand for cosmetic surgery in Korea, including veneers, has led the dental industry to bring about more affordable price points. Veneers is a particularly competitive market as clinics strive to offer the best quality service at the most affordable prices.

In addition, Seoul boasts a highly trained and experienced workforce of dental professionals. Many clinics invest in state-of-the-art technology that has helped to streamline the fitting process of veneers. Minish is no different, yet we offer more high-quality care and personalized options in comparison to outdated materials and extensive tooth filing of other clinics.

Minish offers a wide range in order to make customers feel secure that they can get the treatment and dental staff they require at a price point they can afford. Different staff offer different specialities, which is why each of our team members’ service is priced based on years of experience, accumulated cases, and achieved education. The number of procedures for each of our medical staff is transparently disclosed. Please check the records of each dentist carefully before deciding who you would like to have as your main dentist. Of course, all of our doctors strive for safe treatment with a high level of satisfaction regardless of experience. 

With the affordability and high quality of veneers at Minish, your perfect smile is no more than a free online consultation away.


Before and After

One of the best reassurances when it comes to dental operations is visual evidence. See our real before and after photos performed by the staff of Minish.

Veneer Equipment

Our programs would not be possible without our state-of-the-art equipment. Our on-site laboratories stock only the best and efficient technology to ensure the highest results for our patients.

Our equipment includes but is not limited to…
prime scan veneers
The Prime Scan is a newly developed digital scanner that uses a camera to create fantastically detailed and clear 3D digital images of the mouth.
cara print veneers
The Cara printer is designed for dental experts, by dental experts. It delivers precise restorations both faster and more economically than other printers on the market.
Cerec MC XL veneers
Using the CEREC milling machine means grinding and milling during the restoration design is extremely precise, giving the restorations smooth surfaces.

Minish prides itself on staying at the forefront of technology and always searching for ways to make our procedures more accurate, comfortable, and precise.

Minish Veneer
is Made

In the past, stronger materials were used for prosthodontics because they were easy to handle due to their durability. Over time, these hard materials caused damage to surrounding teeth, such as fractures, chips, wear, and tear.

Minish Dental hospital uses Vita blocks that have been researched and developed by VITA in Germany, to overcome these limitations. In general processing these materials to make items like Minish is very complex and time consuming. With Minish’s in-house lab and large staff capacity manufacturing these items is simple.



As treatment without precision can be problematic in the long run, Minish therapy is centered around precision throughout the entire process. From teeth alignment to production, to binding teeth with our materials. For this reason we make sure to digitally scan teeth instead of the old mould method.
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veneers consultation

Start your
Consultation at Minish

Curious about something we didn’t mention? Need some additional information related to the above information? Minish is happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. Reach out for a free online consultation today via the following consultation form, email, or telephone. 


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