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Are you interested in straightening your teeth? This article is about perfect teeth alignment smile choice by many celebrities, let’s get started.


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I guess we all realise the importance of teeth. If the teeth are uneven, the masticatory function deteriorates, the digestive function deteriorates, the pronunciation leaks when speaking, and it causes various problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw joint disorder. In addition, uneven tooth arrangement, malocclusion, and discordant facial skeleton can cause psychological atrophy due to appearance complex, since you are not comfortable with having confident smile. There are several options to treat alignment problems, traditional braces are the most popular method for decades, and then we have options like Invisalign or Veneers nowadays.

Options for Perfect Teeth Alignment

1. Traditional Braces for Perfect Teeth Alignment

Orthodontic correction or braces may be an inevitable, or even an ideal treatment method in cases such as severe malocclusion (bad bites) due to skeletal abnormalities, protruding upper jaw bones, or protruding jaw. There are several risks for traditional braces. Other than those cases, there are several side effects or risks in traditional braces.

For example, teeth come too close together with the power coming from braces, lead to a tight alignment we can’t really keep the hygiene, make us vulnerable to cavities between the teeth. Braces cause gum recessions, black triangle is another common problem after braces. And we can’t really treat with small teeth even the alignment become perfect. We need to use retainers after the braces, if we don’t take care of the retainers well enough, it can also lead to accelerated tooth decay. After the braces, teeth surface will be much rougher than before, the surface is called enamel layer, which is critical for overall dental health.

For certain occupational groups, such as flight attendants and celebrities, where the visible appearance is important, orthodontic treatment is inevitably more difficult. The biggest reason is aesthetic deterioration because the braces are exposed externally. But it’s not just a matter of aesthetics. Treatment period is another problem. It may vary from each patient, but in general, it takes at least 6 months, up to 2 years in case of tooth extraction, and there is no guarantee that satisfactory results will be obtained. That’s why the number of people who hesitate braces is increasing. In particular, in the case of famous celebrities who have to show their faces to the public, long-term orthodontic treatment cannot be dreamed of at all, it can affect the career in a severely.

2. Other Orthodontic Products Invisalign

There are other orthodontic products like Invisalign which may take 6 months to 1 year.

They are transparent, invisible, mating treatment hard to notice, easier to keep up to your oral hygiene since the aligners are removed for eating and brushing, making it easy to keep your teeth and gums clean. What we can’t expect from Invisalign are, first of all, we can’t change shape, angle, ratio, and color of our original teeth, we need to use retainers like braces, not all dentists offer the full range of the products, they are not suitable for certain severe cases where more advanced treatment is required, and lastly, there is a high chance your teeth will shift back.

3. Minish Veneers for Perfect Teeth Alignment

Minish Veneer treatment is a solution we provide at Minish Dental Hospital and Minish Technology Lab. It is a solution that restores as much enamel as it is damaged and fills teeth as much as it needs to be restored.

Minish Veneer is focusing on restoring the health of natural teeth and improving the alignment, minimizing the preparation (enamel layer shaving), and filling the remaining parts with materials similar to our natural teeth.

ideal front teeth ratio

There is an ideal ratio on front teeth, we will design perfectly and take care of ratio problem in Minish Veneer program, and finish installation within one-day with our technology. You can expect the whole treatment process above within one-day, which is one of the reasons our celebrity customers love our services. One other advantage of Minish Veneer is that you can fix teeth ratio problem which we can not expect in traditional braces.

The angle of the teeth can be adjusted by reinforcing the missing part. In addition, it solves the ratio, shape, color, and texture of teeth that have not been improved by orthodontic alone, enabling more satisfactory aesthetic improvement, and there is no need to worry about the recurrence of teeth shifting back to their original state. Our new model Dasha Taran created a v-log video about her getting Minish veneers recently before attending a red-carpet event, please check her experience out here.

In conclusion, Minish veneers can solve dental problems in both dental health and aesthetic perspective, and allow us using it for a long time without getting damaged.

Speaking of the damage, wrong dental treatment doesn’t seem appearing in 1-2 years. In building construction, no matter what materials are used or how it is built, problems do not arise right away. When there is an earthquake or some kind of external impact, the problems start to appear. The same goes for teeth. Treatments that do not consider the lifelong dental health, but just focusing on what’s in front will cause problems accurring slowly from inside without noticing.

Criteria for Good Prosthetic

Other than Minish Veneers, Crown and Laminate are another popular options for perfect teeth alignment.


Let’s look at the crown first. A crown is a treatment in which a prosthesis is placed on a tooth like a cap. Functionality and Aesthetics can be satisfied to some extent, but the Similarity, Biocompatibility, and Durability have very low scores since our natural teeth are excessively shaved.


In the case of Laminate, scores are relatively distributed compared to crowns, but as you know, the purpose of laminate treatment is aesthetic. Because of this, it is focused on making the teeth look pretty, and you can see that you don’t get high scores in other parts.

Minish Veneers

Minish veneers, which can be a new alternative for those who are thinking about teeth alignment treatment, shows uniform and high scores in all five conditions. This only became possible by usin body-friendly material and the ultra-precision processing technology.

Minish Veneer for perfect teeth alignment

In order to solve the fundamental problems of teeth, the above five items are all equally important. With confidence in these solutions and technology, Minish Technology implements a genuine authentication system and 10-year warranty. You can get Minish Veneers from a lot of our partner dental clinics, and don’t forget to check the authenticate when you get the procedure.

Minish Technology for Perfect Teeth Alignment

In Minish Technology, we kept doing research over last couple decades, developing our technology. Today, we deliver an excellent bonding result that even doctors cannot distinguish the boundary. Creating thin prosthesis is required advanced processing technology, if the technology isn’t backed up, it will make the prosthesis thicker and require excessive adhesive.

First of all, in order to accurately grasp the condition of the customer’s teeth, such as the arrangement and shape, we do 3D scanning for digitization to ensure error-free manufacturing.

After that, the first processing is performed with a milling machine, there are currently 10 milling machines in Minish Technology Lab operated organically to produce our Minish Veneers quickly and accurately. Different from milling method, the firing method for producing powder-type materials and the casting method for producing ceramic materials cause errors due to shrinkage during the process of baking or hardening after manufacturing. Milling method allows accurate manufacturing.

After milling process is completed, professional technicians with many years of experience manually process the tooth to a thinner and more precise finish up to 0.1mm so that it can be perfectly combined with the natural tooth without any gaps. Since this involves very sophisticated work, it is possible to precisely combine the gum line and the tooth boundary without lifting, which can reduce the chances of bacterial invasion significantly.

Minish is a solution that can be finished in one day. Because no brace is attached to the teeth surface, the treatment period that used to take up to 2 years in traditional braces can be shortened. Above all, it is possible because multiple equipment works simultaneously to produce the veneers fast and precisely, and on average 6 professionals are working together for per customer in a systematic process.

Minish Block is a material exclusively for Minish Veneers as a material jointly researched and developed by Vita, a global dental device company in Germany, and Minish Technology. This block has properties similar to natural teeth and is reliable as it is a material researched and developed together with a world-class company that has been established for more than 80 years. It is not an exaggeration to say that the reliability of Minish is guaranteed as it has been received by many celebrity customers and head doctors representing each field. The most common review we get from our customers is

All I can think of is that I should have done earlier


Minish Technology, developed for those who are concerned about perfect teeth alignment, hopes that Minish will become a new alternative healthy treatment method for many people. If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, please visit partner dental clinics of Minish Technology and get help for your dental problems. Feel free to click here to start a free consultation.

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