How to Choose The Best Veneer Dentist – 8 Things To Check

In South Korea, hundreds of people are getting veneers everyday. Veneer is getting more and more popular since it is much easier than traditional treatment. Compare to draining orthodontic treatment which might take up to a few years, veneers can be done in a few, even in one visit. However, which dental hospital to go is becoming a question since so many clinics are offering veneers. In Minish Dental Hospital, we provide MINISH Veneers by shaving the minimum amount of teeth in a minimum treatment period. In this blog, we are going to introduce the factors you should check before choosing veneer clinic.

1. How many people have been treated?

Case is important. Because different from crown, veneer design and installation require more techniques. Every tooth has different surface, every patient has different desired smile line. So the veneer result is directly influenced by how many people have been treated by doctor or the clinic. Minish Dental Hospital has an integrated care system such as implants, orthodontic teeth, cavity prosthetics, periodontal therapy, and teeth whitening. Among them, the cumulative number of MINISH Veneer procedures is about 80,000. (97,917 as of October 2022)

2. How satisfied were patients with the treatment?

It’s also important how satisfied after the patients get the veneer treatment. A health, pleasing smile and impression immediately capture the people around, which naturally leads to recommendations. Minish Dental Hospital is famous for word-of-mouth in Korea, a lot of patients are coming through our existing patients.

The satisfaction is really a combination of a good result and the whole experience. How much the clinic is communicative from the first consultation until the end of the veneer installation, how much the hospital answers the questions patients have, how much they are transparent with the price and the treatment, how much they are willing to help, how much they care about the patient’s pain, etc, they all matter for a good overall experience.

3. How many different cases are covered?

Since certain procedures are often applicable only to specific cases, dealing with various cases meansthat the spectrum is wide, meaning that the appropriate solution is implemented accordingly. In Korea, not every clinic can be named “hospital”, Minish Dental Hospital was approved as “hospital” in 2018. One of the differences between clinic and hospital is related to this third factor. In dental hospitals, experts in specific fields such as orthodontics, prosthetics, periodontology will treat the patients directly, requirement in the medical staff, facilities, equipments, treatment system, various clinical cases, number of the cases are all much more higher.

4. Do celebrities visit for treatment?

Not necessarily for all the dental treatment, but at least for veneers, celebrity case is a good indicator since beautiful smile is very important for them. Recent few years, there are so many people visit Minish Dental Hospital for re-treatment due to the side effects of crowns, laminates, and veneers from other clinics, including many of the top celebrities in Korea. As a celebrity in Korea, they have so many opportunities of free veneers, even paid veneers. But we saw too many of them come to our hospital for re-treatment, due to various reasons, one by one, case by case, gradually MINISH Veneers became famous among top celebrities in Korea. As a hospital, we never expected it, but at the same time, we are so grateful for having them as our patients, we are happy to help with their beautiful smiles in a healthy way.

5. How precisely can the veneers be made?

This might be one of the most important things when it comes to veneers. If the prosthesis and natural teeth are not blocked well, secondary side effects will occur. So not only production should be accurate, design also should be accurate. There shouldn’t be the same veneer design, because veneer is the restoration of damaged tooth, every tooth has different shape. In Minish Dental Hospital, we run the laboratory on our own instead of outsourcing,  in order to reflect all the patients’ desire immediately. The MINISH Lab is run by sophisticated technicians with on average over 15 years of experience.

For the precisely designed veneers, communication between the dental technician and the customer is very important. Also all the technicians should be aware of precision is the key of dental health, since with the precision we can shave the minimum amount of the original teeth. So whether the hospital has the right techniques, technicians, mindset for dental health or not is very important.

6. Do they have advanced equipment for veneers?

Probably as a patient, we don’t have to know about equipment details for the veneers. But actually it is super critical for the hospital. Equipment is a huge investment, endless cost, and there is always better, up-to-date, and more expensive equipment coming out to the market all the time.

Expensive equipment doesn’t necessarily mean it is good, but usually it is. Some hospitals will always have the latest and cutting-edge equipment to improve the service, Minish Dental Hospital is one of them, others will be satisfied with one life-time purchase. If it were not the equipments and the laboratory we have, we can never provide services like one-day treatment veneer.

7. Do they put patient dental health first?

What is dental health here? For the veneers, minimizing teeth shaving is the way of caring dental health. With shaving more teeth, prosthetics can be firmly installed much more easily, but that shaved enamel layer, you can never get it back, it will influence the dental health the rest of your life. In the past, treatment like Laminate only focused on the result aesthetically, which went along with 0.5-0.7mm shaving of enamel layer. And most of the dental clinics still provide Laminate. Now we have an option for MINISH Veneers which can be only 0.1-0.2mm of shaving, there was no such ceramic veneer ever before MINISH Veneers. In conclusion, there are 3 things to explain if the clinic put the dental health first.

  1. The technology of veneer production.
  2. The techniques of dental technicians
  3. How much they care about patient’s dental health.

8. Are they responsible for their treatment?

Some hospitals give warranty of the veneers like us. In Minish Dental Hospital, the veneer price varies according to the warranty period. There are 4 different warranties: manufacturing technology, advanced equipment and systems, genuine materials, and precise treatment. Our MINISH Veneer patients can receive continuous care up to 10 years after treatment.

These are 8 things you may want to check before you choose a veneer clinic.

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