Solutions for Crown Retreatment

I’ve been a dentist for a long time, and now all the people who visit the dentist feel like my family. When I see a patient with exceptionally worn teeth even at a young age, I think to myself was his/her life tough enough to bite the bullet? I think about it and worry about it. The saddest moment as a dentist is when you lose your dental health because over-treatment over many years. Today, I’m going to share a patient story. A patient who had suffered from side-effects of crown treatment for 10 years, and finally ended that suffer with Minish veneer solution.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a method of covering and treating a tooth if it is extensively damaged. Typical types of crown treatments are gold, zirconia, and PFM. Gold is not discolored or broken, but has a large color difference from natural teeth. Zirconia is a very hard material composed only of ceramics. PFM is made of ceramic material on the outer layer and metal inside. In the case of severe tooth decay or gum disease, root canal is needed before crown treatment. Since gum and nerve tissues are infected with bacteria.

If crown treatment is not performed accurately, bacteria may increase between teeth and between prosthetics therefore causing cavities. Also gum may recede over time due to aging after treatment therefore exposing dental prosthetics.

A Real Case


“I received crown treatment on four incisors 10 years and my gums turned black”

In the case of this patient, she had four incisors laminated at the recommendation of an acquaintance 10 years ago, and five years after the laminate treatment, her gum turned black and she was under great stress. She even started covering her mouth ever since.

After examination, we found out the treatment received at the other dentist in the past was crown treatment, not laminate. Crown treatment on four incisors was done with PFM. After sometime, metal materials were exposed.

“My front teeth didn’t have any health issues, but since my work is related to TV stuff, I just went with the laminate for aesthetic reason.”

Then why her teeth were treated with a Root Canal?

Once root canal is performed, the supply of nutrition to the teeth is cut off, and the natural teeth are weakened. So root canal and crown treatment is only necessary if you have a severe cavity or gum disease. But some dentists do not focus on preserving the tooth but rather cutting the teeth and going for extra unnecessary treatments. In other words, natural teeth were damaged due to unnecessary tooth removal and nerve treatment. Therefore multiple visits to different dentists may be needed to prevent suffering from wrong dental procedures.

Minish Remedy Solution

Minish Remedy is a solution program that not only replace the crown outside, but also restore the damaged teeth inside at the same time. In order to restore the funtions and aesthetics of the remaining teeth. In this patient case, she chose to go with Minish Remedy, since several treatments should be done including her gums under pressured with crown, inner teeth infection and decay, cavity, and also replacement of crown itself.

01. Gum Treatment

Existing crown prosthesis did not fit the gums correctly, so was pressing on the gums, which made the gums swollen all the time. We did Gingivectomy to restore gum health along with the gum line.

02. Treatment Inside

When we removed existing crown prosthesis, the remaining teeth condition was much worse than we expected. Root canal treated teeth was severely discoloured and had progressed with cavities. So after removing the discoloured and rotten part, we filled the teeth with white resin, followed with coverage. We created a customised zirconia coping to perfectly fit patient’s existing teeth, to prepare for the Minish Solution.

*Coping: Coping is pre-prepared tooth root or metal plate to cover the crown, which is used when a dental prosthesis like crown is installed.

03. Minish Remedy

We created customised, precise and sophisticated Minish, and attached without any gap between the natural teeth and the Minish. The patient got the big beautiful smile back after improved appearance. Well aligned front teeth, no more discolouration, no more swollen gum, cavity or pain of course.

For patients who are thinking about re-treatment

Wrong procedures done on the teeth may not only damage your dental health but also mental health. Especially for the re-treament, It’s crucial that you visit a dental clinic that’s honest and knows how to treat from the perspective of patient’s overall dental health without over treament. Every patient comes to us for their unique story, we hope you can find a right clinic where is open to your story with kind heart, the greatest technique and the greatest equipments.


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