Veneers Before and After

November 30, 2022by Minish Dental
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Are you thinking about getting veneers?

Veneers in Korea

Veneers are becoming more and more popular in Korea. There are various of reasons people would consider veneers, stained yellow teeth, dwarf teeth, butterfly teeth, protruding teeth, bunny teeth, etc. People with ugly teeth tend to have low confidence on their smile, often cover their mouth when they are talking or smiling. In fact, there are many people who come to the dentist regarding these concerns because of their ugly teeth. In this blog, we will go over several veneers before and after pictures for each case. 

Veneers Before and After

Protruding Teeth Before and After Veneers

In the case of protruding teeth, it may be difficult to chew and cause indigestion in severe cases. It can also cause dry mouth, in which saliva in the mouth dries out due to the protruding mouth. This can lead to oral diseases such as bad breath or bacterial infection.

veneers for protruding teeth

Gapped Teeth Before and After Veneers

Gapped teeth are considered a major cosmetic complex factor, but cause other functional problems. For example, food can easily get caught between the gaps, so the gaps start to widen little by little. Also, the gums between the gaps are constantly affected, which harms the health of the gums. Usually, orthodontic treatment is often thought to improve gapped teeth, but if the cause of gapped teeth is a genetic (inherited) problem or gum diseases or aging, then orthodontic treatment alone will not solve the problem. However, all of the above cases can be improved with MINISH Veneers which is an esthetic prosthetic treatment that fills in missing teeth. In addition, MINISH Veneer only slightly trims unnecessary parts of the teeth unlike laminate which requires 0.5-0.7mm of deletion for prep.

veneers for gapped teeth

Bunny Teeth Before and After Veneers

When the incisors appear relatively prominent due to they are larger or longer than other teeth, or other teeth are smaller than them, they are called ‘bunny teeth’. If the cause of rabbit teeth is due to the angle of the teeth, it can be resolved through orthodontic treatment, but in the case of large tooth size difference, it is difficult to expect satisfactory results with orthodontic treatment alone. We proceeded with MINISH hybrid treatment for this patient.

veneers for rabbit teeth

MINISH hybrid treatment begins after establishing a 1:1 customized treatment plan through a detailed examination and analysis system using state-of-the-art equipment. The MINISH hybrid is a treatment that is preformed orthodontic treatment followed by Minish treatment. It’s a way to create a perfect smile line for those patients who are suffering from misaligned teeth and looking for a quicker treatment plan than orthodontic. If you are simply worried about bunny teeth, you can improve the problem by proceeding with the MINISH Veneers as one-day treatment.

Butterfly Shaped Teeth Before and After Veneers

The shape of the tooth that looks like a butterfly’s wing shape is called ‘butterfly teeth’.The teeth appears to be spread out and protruding from both sides. Although there is no major problem in the overall teeth alignment, spread out incisors can makes the entire alignment look uneven. If you try to improve the shape through general esthetic prosthetic treatment such as laminate or crown, the amount of tooth preparation will inevitably increase. This will have a fatal adverse effect on your dental health. To minimizing the teeth shaving, this patient did 6 MINISH Veneers to improve the alignment.

veneers for butterfly teeth

Dwarf Teeth Before and After Veneers

When certain teeth are smaller than normal teeth, they are called ‘dwarf teeth’. Usually in the case dwarf teeth, it is often seen in the lateral incisors right next to the incisors (front teeth). If a certain tooth is smaller than the surrounding teeth, prosthetic treatment can be done. However, in the case of dwarf teeth, it is important not to cut (trim) anymore because they are already small. Since improving the size and shape of the teeth is more important than teeth alignment.

veneers for dwarf teeth

Damaged Teeth Before and After Veneers

The reasons for tooth damage are largely divided into chemical damage and physical damage. Chemical damage refers to bacteria from food leftovers in the mouth when you eat food, and the acid being released which eventually dissolves (damages) the teeth. Physical damage is where the teeth gets damaged due to physical force or teeth gets changed as the teeth wear out and break due to diseases, bad habits, aging, etc. For our patients, these are the cases that we think MINISH Veneer is absolutely necessary. With the MINISH Veneer, not only dental health can be improved but also aesthetics and functional restoration can be restored. Therefore, prompt treatment is recommended. It’s important that you quickly restore the overall health and function of the teeth.

veneers for damaged teeth

Stained Teeth Before and After Veneers

As for the cause of yellow teeth, there are people who are born with yellow dentin or with thin enamel which may be reflected as yellow. Tooth discolouration can happen due to nicotine from smoking to certain food that we eat. Tooth discoloration can also be caused by aging, medications, trauma, and nerve treatment. In addition, dirt spots can be formed after resin treatments on the incisors. If it is simply a matter of discoloration of teeth, we recommend teeth whitening, but whitening is not a permanent treatment, you will need to do it again since the effect will not last forever. MINISH Veneer was recommended to this patient as she wanted permanent whitening result.

veneers for stained teeth


Making teeth bright and improving the shape is something every dentist can do. However, not every dentist would consider harmonious look based on individual’s face that much. There are also a number of dental clinic don’t really think the overall health of the teeth as a fundamental goal. Please feel free to contact us for your teeth concerns, we care about what patient concerns, also the life long goal of dental care. We went over several veneer before and after cases, you may check here if you want to learn more about MINISH Veneers.

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