What Minimizes Veneer Teeth Shaving?

October 28, 2022by Minish Dental
Veneer Teeth Shaving

There are several reasons we can minimize the veneer teeth shaving today. Some of them are due to industry development, some of them are due to technical reasons.

Industry movement

Until just a few years ago, in Korea, most adults felt pressure on getting stable jobs, such as office workers and civil servants. But this is changing, for current generation, making the decisions for my own life is much more important than thinking about stereo types. In Korea, we do a lot of dream job surveys in elementary school. In the recent survey, “Youtuber”  is ranked 4th, it must be related to this kind of change social environment.


“Making the choice” for my own trend applies to the medical industry as well. Taking appendectomy as an example, laparoscopic surgery has become popular, in which surgery is performed with only a smaller hole than open surgery that cuts the skin.

With the development of medical technology, now we have the options to choose a method doesn’t harm our body as much as possible. For dental veneer, now we have an option called MINISH Veneer, which allows you minimize the teeth shaving.


Ceramic, which has been used as a dental material since the 1980s, always was not that popular in the past due to frequent ease of chipping and detachment. MINISH Veneer is the new option along the development of ceramic material. By incorporating new technologies into high-tech materials, Minish Dental Hospital has given us the option of “protecting ourselves”.


What Minimizes Teeth Shaving For Veneers?


1. Development of Ceramics

Ceramics are aesthetically superior and have strong strength. But it is fragile and has to be handled carefully. The problem of ceramic cracking easily was solved by increasing the thickness, but this causes excessive tooth deletion. Minish Dental Hospital uses MINISH Blocks supplied by SIRONA, Germany, to overcome the limitations of the material. It is very difficult to process, but it has strong strength even when they are thin (like 0.1 – 0.2mm), and the material is very similar to our natural teeth. Therefore, it can be used for a long time like my teeth after combining them.


2. Development of Cement

Natural teeth need shaving in order to attach prosthetics. This is to make room for the prosthetics because if the teeth and the prosthetics are parallel, they do not overlap each other.

In the past, the adhesives that connect teeth and prosthetics were weak. Because of this, prosthetists wanted to cut teeth and get retention from that form which required additional teeth shaving.

In recent years, the properties of adhesives have been improved, and excellent functional resin cement has become common. It is possible to install without weak attachment problem, which means we don’t have to do veneer teeth shaving excessively.


3. 3D Scanner

To make prosthetics, we need a process of imitating your teeth. Previously, we used materials such as rubber in this process. But between the teeth, the black triangle was not fully implemented because the material was torn and deformed. Therefore, it was not possible to cover the black triangle through the veneer or it was necessary to shave the teeth to cover them.

In Minish Dental Hospital, we use 3D Scanner to scan the whole mouth even including areas might be difficult to capture. After converting all the shape into digital 3d model by scanning, we send this information to Minish Lab. Minish Lab will create MINISH Veneers in a very accurate way through the digitalized process which can avoid material deformation that occurs in the process of copying in the past days, which is also an important reason we can minimize the veneer teeth shaving.


4. Precise Prosthetics Equipment

The Crown installation is not difficult as long as the edge (We call this edge as “margin”) is connected accurately, even if  there is a tolerance with the tooth.

However, the Veneer is different. Since Veneers don’t have the same morphological retention as the margin, they require much more techniques from the doctor who is installing. If the veneer is designed and produced not accurately, it is very easy to be chipped. As the technician is experience, the amount of veneer teeth shaving will be minimized by dentist techniques.

In addition, increasing the thickness of the adhesive to solve the inaccurate space can cause a serious problem of detachment in the future. Therefore, precisely machined and fitted is paramountly important.

Minish prosthetics laboratory has advanced forms of state-of-the-art equipments and systems. And prosthetics laboratory works as designed using only state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments certified by each country. Minish machines used in lab are the most expensive milling machines in existence, enabling fast speed and sophisticated workmanship.


5. Research Personnel

Minish prosthetics laboratory consists of 20 employees. Including senior and senior researchers (average of more than 15 years of experience) led by a director (more than 20 years of experience). Three dedicated prosthetic experts are working together to make a total of eight Minish productions to produce repairs quickly and accurately.

Through regular internal and external seminars, education, and training program, MINISH lab is striving to do both continuous growth and manpower cultivating.


High-quality ceramics that maintain strength even when thin, advanced resin cement that does not require geometric retention, 3D scanners that reproduce the mouth quickly and accurately, cutting-edge equipment that can make ceramics thinner, and advanced research personnel from the Minish prosthetics laboratory have united to produce stable treatment results even with minimum amount of teeth shaving.

With the combination of all 5 reasons above, for MINISH Veneers, we are able to shave only 0.1-0.2mm of teeth in Minish Dental Hospital. The only thing we think about are the patients. We also have a professional patient management team who will answer your inquiries 24/7 in order to provide you quality online consultation before you decide to visit us. So when you have a wide range of options of treatment, it is your right to compare and choose whatever is the best for your body, this is not only aesthetically.

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Our slogan is to make the “difference FOR the patients”.

This is the philosophy we have, the future we are seeking. It cost us numerous failures and time to invent the MINISH Veneers started from an unknown technology. But Minish Team never stopped trying. Now we can provide healthier treatment to the patients by offering wide range of options of MINISH Veneers.

We will never stop developing ourselves, to make the “difference FOR the patients”. 

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