Veneers in Korea

November 30, 2022by Minish Dental
Veneers In Korea

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers is a protection for teeth that is installed to cover the teeth and it is made of composite or porcelain. There are two types of veneers installation full crown veneers and laminate. The difference between those two types is how much they cover the teeth. For full-crown veneers, the teeth will be removed more and covered by the veneers. For Laminate, the teeth will be only slightly shaven and the Laminate Veneers will be installed. Simply explanation, Laminate veneers are usually used to improve the aesthetic look, while crown veneers are used to cover the teeth and improve the teeth health.


Affordability of Veneers in Korea

Price of veneers in Seoul are much cheaper compared to the countries like US, Canada or U.K. You can actually save money even if you include the flight and the accommodations when you get multiple treatments. The reason why it’s cheaper is because veneers are very common in Korea and it’s highly competitive.


Quick with details

As soon as you sit, there will be a big screen monitor in front of you and the doctor will guide you as to the number of options you can choose from and the predictable outcome. Doctor may show you pictures of other patients so you can visualize as to what the outcome may look like.

Also details are very important in Korea since many Korean patients have detailed requirements on details such as colour and the shape. If you are not satisfied, your dentist will be there for you to adjust the result.


How Long Do I Need to Travel Korea for Veneers?

Veneer’s installation does not take long. Usually 1 day is enough to do the installation, however the veneer production itself might take days. Usually the cap will be produced within 7~14 days depending on the veneers type, since you want to go back to the dentist to do fitting check.


What’s the Recovery Time?

There is no recovery time for veneers procedure. You can simply go back to do daily activities after the procedure. You can also feel some discomfort before the final veneers installed. You need to avoid too hot or cold food and beverages. After the final installation, you will be able to do everything normally right away.


What Kind of Aftercare is Required After Veneers?

There is no special aftercare needed after veneers procedures. However, veneers are just your normal teeth. you need to keep it clean and hygiene to keep it for a long time. Dental Veneers can last even more than 10 years if you keep maintaining it. Since veneers are also easy to get damaged, you might need to avoid to bite hard food for the longevity of your veneers. Also you need to avoid to drink acidic beverages like coffee because it can stain your teeth overtime.

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