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November 2, 2021by Minish Dental
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What Differentiates MINISH Veneers from Other Veneers? 

Our teeth are always visible while we talk or laugh in comparison to other body parts. Thus, recent dental treatments are focused on both aesthetic and health aspects. Then how is MINISH Veneer different from other veneers?

MINISH Veneer treatments present an innovative and professional guide in the area of dental treatment.

First, Number of MINISH Veneer Patients

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In addition to simple Minish treatment, Minish also has an integrated medical system, which includes dental implants, orthodontic treatment, cavity/prosthesis treatment, periodontal treatment, and tooth whitening treatment. Among all these treatments, the cumulative number of Minish treatments alone is more than 70,000. (as of 2021) 

Second, Satisfaction of MINISH Veneer Patients

The cumulative number of treatments do not account for the high patient satisfaction rate at Minish. The overall satisfaction level of patients is important when it comes to personalized dental treatments. Minish has a lot of patients who come to our clinic based on a referrals from previous patients. Minish treatment focuses on patient satisfaction and the entire process of each procedure. During each consultation, we explain every treatment process in detail to our patients, and we are completely transparent when it comes to disclosing our treatment process.

Third, Various Type of Cases Minish dealt with so far?

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Since certain treatment methods are often only applicable in certain cases, having experience in dealing with numerous cases allows Minish to make a more accurate assessment on the procedures required. In addition, Minish is always open to collaboration with professional medical staff in each field. Therefore, we can provide state-of-the-art treatment to our patients at all times while enabling our professional medical staff members to perform operations with expertise in their respective fields.

Fourth, Are There Many Cases of Revision Veneer at Minish?

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Patients who visit Minish due to dissatisfaction after receiving treatments at other dental clinics are often worried about another failure. Therefore, Minish takes the psychological stability of patients into account when performing revision surgeries. Also, since we have to be extra careful concerning the tooth deletion process, we put extra effort into revision surgery at Minish.

Fifth, Would Celebrities Do MINISH Veneers?

Minish is well-known for revision surgery since most of our patients, including celebrities, visit our hospital due to poor results at other dental clinics. Celebrities often have a wide range of choices when it comes to high-quality dental treatment; however, they always end up choosing the best treatment regardless of cost. Most celebrities that visit Minish usually pay for the treatments they receive without promoting our hospital, and they often recommend Minish to other celebrities due to our high-quality dental care.

Sixth, How Precise Can MINISH Prosthodontics Production Be? 

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To achieve satisfactory results, communication between dental technicians and patients is crucial. Therefore, we are running our own dental technology laboratory at Minish to provide dental treatment at all times. Minish has dental technicians with an average of more than 15 years of experience.

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It is very important to produce dental prosthodontics as precisely as possible, taking every little detail into consideration. If the prosthodontics are not made correctly, patients have to undergo more tooth deletion in order to make sure the prosthodontics fit the shape of their teeth precisely. 

In addition, although there is a golden ratio of teeth, Minish values the aesthetic and natural appearance of each patient. Therefore, our prosthodontics are not uniform designs but rather customized products.

Seventh, State-of-the-art Equipment For Prodution

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Minish is hardly economical when it comes to investing in cutting-edge medical equipment. Since Minish is always on the lookout for the latest medical technology, we invest heavily to improve the overall quality of our dental treatment to improve or even replace existing equipment.

Expensive equipment does not always guarantee efficiency since every piece of medical equipment has its pros and cons. However, we believe having the latest state-of-the-art equipment can easily improve the quality of medical care. In addition, with the combination of our dental technology laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment, we can perform any operation within a day, easing the time-consuming burden of treating patients from overseas.

Eighth, MINISH Veneers Prioritize the Dental Health

Minish treatment prioritizes dental health at all costs. While conventional dental treatments, including dental veneers, have been focused on the aesthetic aspect, Minish treatment focuses on the recovery of patients by storing and rebuilding enamel, the outermost surface of our teeth. Minish was the first hospital to pioneer a new path of restoring and reconstructing enamel, and we have been successfully performing various procedures in this field for the past 16 years. We plan to continue to conduct research and strive to help treat our patients’ teeth and provide them with ways to take care of them properly.

Ninth, Is The Hospital Fully Responsible For the Treatments?

At Minish, we are responsible for the treatment we provide 4 different warranties. This is only possible since we are proud of what our Minish treatment can accomplish. Our warranties cover manufacturing technology, advanced systems & equipment, materials, and medical treatment subjects. Please visit us to improve your dental health with a minimal amount of treatment and continue to receive our aftercare services for up to 10 years after receiving the treatment.

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