Some patients might require just one or a variety of treatments in order to have their Minish prosthodontics inserted. Together with our doctors you decide which Minish program suits you the most.
  • Simple Minish
  • Minish Remedy
  • Minish Hybrid
  • Minish Harmony

Minish Programs
Simple Minish

Simple Minish is the program that helps improve damaged teeth

What is Simple Minish?

Simple Minish is the program that helps improve damaged teeth using materials with the most similar properties to natural teeth. We do this without unnecessary tooth filing, avoiding potential problems that could arise from your teeth being shaved down.

When is Simple Minish the right program?

If you have a rough tooth surface that is prone to dental cavities, or if you want aesthetic improvement without damaging your teeth by creating gaps in between teeth, we recommend Simple Minish.

Frontal Tooth Cavity

Front tooth cavities often occur between teeth. During the Simple Minish treatment we will also do functional and aesthetic restoration of damaged teeth.

Gaps Between Teeth

If the periodontal structure is not healthy or the size of teeth is too small compared to the size of the periodontal structure, the gap between the teeth may widen even more.

Small Teeth (Peg Lateralis)

When the size of the teeth is naturally smaller than normal teeth.

Color Improvement (Yellow Teeth, White Spots)

Due to genetic or external factors, tooth color problems such as discoloration, coloration, and white spots may occur.

Texture Improvement

Your tooth surface may be uneven naturally due to failure in enamel formation, or the tooth surface may become uneven and rough after orthodontic treatment.

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Minish Programs
Minish Remedy

Minish Remedy (re-treatment) is a program aimed at fixing previous veneers/laminate problems

What is Minish Remedy?

Minish Remedy (re-treatment) is a program aimed at fixing previous veneers/laminate problems. Minish remedy restores and regenerates the inside (local teeth) of natural teeth that are already damaged by adhesive corrosion and old prosthodontics.

Minish Remedy requires the removal of the problematic prosthodontics to restore and regenerate the remaining natural teeth as much as possible while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth at the same time.

When is Minish Remedy the right program?

Minish remedy is ideal for solving dental problems caused by fracture, discoloration, inflammation, and color abnormalities of existing, old prosthodontics.

Discoloration of Gums

In the past, prosthodontics and gum boundaries used to turn blue overtime with PFM (Porcelain fused metal)  crown treatment. PFM treatment utilizes a mixture of porcelain and metal and as a result, the gums turned blue as they degenerated over time.

Gum Inflammation

Usually, the cause of gum inflammation is the accumulation of plaque. However, sometimes the poor quality of prosthodontics plays a huge role in causing inflammation of the gums and teeth.

Fracture in Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics can be damaging due to consuming hard food, bruxism, habits of chewing on chopsticks, or other trauma (bicycle accident for example).

Complaints in Color/Appearance

In some cases, prosthodontics may need to be replaced due to the patients being dissatisfied with previous prosthodontics work.

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Minish Programs
Minish Hybrid

Minish Hybrid combines orthodontic treatment with Minish Prosthodontics

What is Minish Hybrid?

Minish Hybrid is a program that combines orthodontic treatment with Minish Prosthodontics treatment. After first rearranging the teeth with orthodontic treatment, patients then undergo Minish treatment.

The orthodontic treatment required before Minish treatment does not require long treatment periods, therefore the teeth can be straightened and Minish applied in a short period of time.

When is Minish Hybrid the right program?

Irregular Arrangement of Teeth

If your teeth are larger than your chin or if you do not have much space within your mouth, you will have an irregular arrangement of teeth. Irregular teeth are problematic, because they create an environment vulnerable to oral diseases. Minish Hybrid addresses this issue with correction and treatment.

Tooth Malocclusion

When the lower jaw and upper jaw are not aligned it can lead to difficulties such as normal chewing which leads to digestive problems. Furthermore, it can also lead to other problems due to facial misalignment, including problems with your jaw joints.

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Minish Programs
Minish Harmony

Minish Harmony improves crooked teeth with minimal treatment

What is Minish Harmony?

Minish Harmony program improves crooked teeth with minimal treatment.

Minish Harmony prioritizes dental health and deals with crooked teeth and aims to correct the teeth with minimal invasiveness.

When is Minish Harmony the right program?

Butterfly Teeth

When the 2 front teeth spread away from each other, in the form of a butterfly, which is mainly caused by lack of space on the jaw.

Irregular Tooth Arrangement

If your teeth are large compared to the size of your jaws or if you don’t have enough space to maintain good teeth alignment. Also if your teeth are crooked or jagged overall. This is called crowding.

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