Minish Dental Lab

Minish Technician Laboratory is the largest laboratory and veneer manufacturing facility in Korea, with state-of-the-art medical equipment. Minish also employs a full time, highly skilled team of dental lab technicians that focus solely on dental design and manufacturing.

What is a
Dental Lab?

The Minish Dental Lab is a section of Minish Hospital that is solely dedicated to the precise manufacturing and research of each individual patient’s Minish Prosthodontics.
Human Resources
20 dental technician researchers, with an average of 15 years experience.
9 dental milling machines & 6 3D scanners
State-of-the-art equipment
Unrivaled precision system
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Asia's First
Certified Dental Laboratory

At Minish, we go through great trouble to ensure absolute perfection for each patient.

What makes the
Minish Dental Lab special?

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation

SPECIAL Material

Dental Block

  • Minish products are made by using natural mineral materials of high quality & purity. We DO NOT use third-party materials, which often consist of unwanted chemicals.
  • Materials with properties that closely resemble our natural teeth
  • Color & texture that is similar to our natural teeth
  • High bio-friendliness
  • High light permeability
Vita Block

SPECIAL Technology

Milling Machine

  • Milling refers to the process of carving blocks into various shapes to form certain designs. 
  • This milling machine enables the designing of our Minish prosthodontics.

SPECIAL Technology

3D Scanner

Unlike conventional methods of scanning a patient’s mouth, our equipment scans the mouth in 3D and sends it directly to the Design PC at the Minish Technician Laboratory.

SPECIAL Technology

3D Printer

A machine that uses the designs of the scanned patient’s oral model and prints it out in 3D.
cara print veneers

SPECIAL Technology

Porcelain Furnace

The Porcelain Furnace is a modeling and polishing machine. It reproduces prosthodontics in similar shapes and glossiness to natural teeth.

SPECIAL Technology

Zirconia Milling

A milling machine that carves zirconia blocks from various angles with high accuracy.


World-class Technicians

  • In addition to the latest equipment and dental technician technology, the skills of our dental technicians are also important.
  • We continue to participate in domestic and international seminars to improve our ultra-precision processing technology. In addition, we train our dental technicians on a frequent basis in order to ensure they are up to date with all technological developments.


One-stop collaboration system

  • The manufacturing process of Minish prosthodontics is conducted through efficient cooperation between our medical staff and researchers.


Custom Fit

  • Minish products can be applied to all kinds of teeth.
  • Minish prosthodontics are customized for each and every patient on a case by case basis. Most of the time, our molars have about 3 times the biting force of other teeth; therefore, prosthodontics that are not made with ultra-precision processing technology are easily damaged.
  • Our prosthodontics can be applied to any single tooth in the mouth, including: molars, front teeth and gums.
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