The Minish Team

Minish Dental Hospital consists of professionals with extensive clinical experience who work according to the three core principles of Minish. Treatments that are harmless to teeth, aren't painful, and not excessive. We treat our patients like family, with the goal of providing quality and honest services.
Kang Jung Ho 1

Dr. Jung ho Kang


“I treat my patients as if I’m treating my own family.”

Choi Jin Ho

Dr. Jin ho Choi

Advanced General Specialist

“I won’t just dismiss my patients’ pain.”

Lee Sang Gil

Dr. Sang gil Lee

MINISH Specialist

“I’ll overcome the limits of treatment.”

Lee Jung Eun

Dr. Jung eun Lee

MINISH Specialist

“I’ll be the doctor who provides appropriate treatment with honesty.”

Kwak Hae Seong

Dr. Hae seong Kwak

MINISH Specialist

“I treat my patients based on an honest work ethic.”

Lee Ju Hong

Dr. Ju hong Lee

MINISH Specialist

“No more textbook-like treatment!”

Shin Yu Rim

Dr. Yu rim Shin

MINISH Specialist

“Your smile becomes my smile!”

Han Hye Lin

Dr. Hye lin Han

Orthodontic Specialist

“Patients’ satisfaction is my happiness.”

Yoo Eun Ji

Dr. Eunji Yoo

Advanced General Specialist

“I’ll always try to provide the best treatment.”

Na Seon Hye

Dr. Seon hye Na

Preventive Dentistry Specialist

“I’ll be a lifetime partner for my patients’ oral health.”

Lee Ana

Dr. Anna Lee

MINISH Specialist

“I’ll help my patients get rid of the fear of surgery.”

Joe Kuang Bum

Dr. Kwang bum Joe

Advanced General Specialist

“I’ll pay attention to every patient’s voice at all costs.”

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